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White Widow is a balanced hybrid strain of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa that was created and developed by Shantibaba whilst he worked at the Greenhouse Seed Company. White Widow has been described as “among the most popular [strains] in the world” by Popular Science magazine.

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White Widow

Buy White Widow.White Widow despite the ominous name. Is one of the most prolific and well-known Weed. Made from a mixed breed of Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica. The strain is known for its white resin coming from its buds that later hardens and forms white crystals on the white widow. Created by Green House Seed Company in Amsterdam. The strain is an award-winning cannabis product that is known for its feel-good effects.

An all-time favourite with a worldwide following, this weed is very popular among users that are looking for a fruity and relaxing time without the feared sedation effect of other herbs.

White Widow Strain Overview

If you’re looking for an upbeat high abound with social energy and motivation. Look no further than the beloved White Widow strain. This strain is an all-time fan favorite and has really gained a worldwide fanbase. It has an interesting flavor with notes of peach. Skunk. Fruit and spice and will really relax you without causing sedation. It’s a great one for morning use.

If there is any one marijuana strain whose name has been thrown around for two decades all over the world. And people still aren’t tired of hearing about it. That would be White Widow.

In fact. It’s pretty obvious why the White Widow strain is the one that ‘cannaisseurs. Beginning cannabis enthusiasts. MMJ patients. And stoners just can’t stop buzzing about. Really. If it wasn’t for our worthy and trusted White Widow. Other out-of-this-world flowers such as White Russian. Blue Widow. And Black Widow would not even exist.

White Widow Strain Review: The Basics

Winning the High Times Cup in 1995 when it was first released. As well as being generally recognized as one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world. The cannabis is classified genetically as a hybrid with a slight indica dominance. Realistically, the strain mostly it emits a fine balance between sativa and indica, with a roughly 60% indica and 40% sativa profile.

Even if indica genetics might technically dominate the strain makeup, however, its effects surely don’t represent your typical indica characteristics, with a high that does anything but make you tired, couch-locked, or lethargic.

White Widow Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Those who regularly consume the marijuana have described its aroma as ‘skunkily pungent,’ with a sophisticated hint of hempy spice and exotic equatorial berry. In fact, the aroma of White Widow marijuana is so dynamic that most any stoner could probably sense its presence within a range of about 300 square yards. And rumor has it that Michael Phelps can even smell it underwater if someone cracks open a jar within about 200 ft of him.

With this in mind, if you are planning on consuming White Widow with discretion, this is probably not the strain to experiment with – unless you take extra preventative measures to keep the stinky scent under wraps (smoke outside, eat an edible, use air filters, or spritz a scented air spray to help kill the smell).

White Widow is a hearty ‘survivor strain. Which makes it a suitable option for any individual who has at least some experience with growing cannabis — even if this experience is sparse.

White Widow Cannabis Effects

THC percentage-wise. White Widow tops out at a stunning 20-25% level. Making it one of the strongest and most potent cannabis strains in the world. Alongside heavy hitters like Afghan Kush and AK-47.

The White Widow strain leaves you feeling energized yet relaxed. In a state of complete euphoria that will allow you to function regularly – just with a slightly more positive overall energy.


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Jack's widow

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41 reviews for White widow

  1. nelson

    My 1st time trying this strain and it was a pure RUSH to the dome piece! I initially did not like it… However, an exclaiming WOW factor! It felt like Chuck Norris kicked me in the head, right in the area where my sinuses are located. I then felt this heaviness over my eyes. Kinda like a rollercoaster ride when it get to its climbing height and releases down that gut wrenching hill at such a fast pace. The pressure that hits ur head is how this felt. Sitting in the house not doing anything was making the experience an unpleasant one. Low and behold, I stepped out on my patio and it was like OMG! I heard nature like never before. Every sound was amplified! I watched birds and listened to them like never before. It started to drizzle very lightly, but I saw the small fragile rain drops. Man! What a great feeling after the headiness subsided! I even found serenity during a brief moment of meditation. Then, when I came back in the house, I became very energetic. Through on some jazz and off I went around the house. I was even able to focus better on some school work / studying! My piece of advice: Find a place to relax and allow ur mind to open up. Enjoy being out in nature or turn on some relaxing music. Allow ur mind to travel and just listen! After that heavy head feeling goes away, find something you’d like to do and get busy doing it. Ur levels of creativity will soar, as well as ur energy levels! Great Stuff!

  2. kelvin

    Holy shit dude. Heady as fuck with a trickle down body high. I can hear the static in the air. I’m gonna go back to playing Battleborn now. Good ass shit.

  3. john

    One of my all time favs. As soon as you look at the buds you know fun is about to follow. Beautifully resonated buds. Euphoric high. Love it!

  4. herbert

    After reading the last review by DogWang or whatever he calls himself, I was prompted to respond. First I would like to point out that the process of growing is not an exact science. So blame the grower not the strain. Secondly, every human reacts differently to certain attributes or weaknesses in each strain of marijuana. Our physiology is unique to each individual so we all have different tastes and preferences and preexisting biases to all we take in for the first time. I have been smoking bud for 35 years in nearly every state and in 3 countries. By no means is white widow the best I have smoked. It is however when grown with LOVE and KNOWLEDGE and more LOVE it has been the most consistent in giving a very nice head high and then settling into a long lasting euphoria, but not so euphoric that you can’t get stuff done. It is also a most beautiful frosted bud and deserves a 10 when manicured and presented properly. I have found that people who really make the best judges of marijuana are those of us who do not smoke as often as possible or as much as we can just to be blasted out of our gourds. I consider myself a good judge and I only ask that you judge the grower and not the strain. Also take it easy, when trying a new strain, clean your utensil and taste and ENJOY.

  5. nicolas

    Good for neuropathic pain (not necessarily physical pain since its sativa) and psychiatric disorders (most notably anxiety/GAD) – a nice uplift to the mind but nothing too intense. Smoking the keef makes me super happy and sparks a creative buzz, making typical tv and video games and such less enjoyable, and drawing interest toward painting/music. Very easy on the lungs, especially since my last strain was the harsh green crack/cush. Refreshing and uplifting in a relaxing way. Physical activity level = low: Dry mouth/eyes: low

  6. raul

    First off, this was my second time trying White Widow since the early 2000s. Upon opening the container, you get hit with a potent, room-filling scent that is reminiscent of dried berries with a slight touch of diesel and flowers. The vape on this strain is very smooth and flavorful with subtle hints of sweetness and flowers with decent vape clouds. The high is a bit of a creeper (5-10 minutes for full effects) and lasted 2-3 hours for me. It was a moderate head high with an accompanied body warmness. I didn’t experience any full effects of energy, sleepiness or couch lock. It was pretty much down the middle on everything while just feeling plain old stoned.

  7. kelly

    The famous white widdow. Excellent high. Hits hard and fast. Very social high. I felt creative and happy but not stupid giggly. Great daytime use. Also not crazy munchies but some cotton mouth in high quantiy use…. The smell is interesting a mix of tangy and spicy with earthy citrus kind of undertones if that makes any sense but definitely tangy. The smoke was harsh and burned the back of the throat but overall a great high. 4 stars out of the bubbler and grav bong

  8. kate

    They call it White Widow because after 3 hits, you’re going to want to clean your house.

  9. herbert

    First hit: Amazing taste. Very smooth smoke, some coughing nearing the end of my exhale. Eyes feel like they are starting to dry already. Within 5 minutes, ears starting to plug up a little bit. Starting to feel uplifted and stress-free. Second hit: Still tastes a mazing, almost better. Still some coughing nearing the end of the exhale, yet nonetheless still smooth hits. Possibly great for super hits. Within 7 minutes, my head is starting to feel like it’s a fishbowl full of water in a tilting room. Serious euphoria. Ah, the lump in the throat!! Yes!!! I haven;’t felt this since I started smoking weed for the first time. This is going to be very similar to my first time. Yes… So excited. You should be too, son!!! I am singing “Plush” by STP and my vocals are actually better than usual.. 12 minutes since first hit. I literally feel like I have taken 7 hits but have only taken 3.. Wow. 2nd bowl (Keep in mind, I pack pretty small bowls. Way less than even a quarter a gram, and I am totally getting smoshed on this shit). Nxt hit, fourth I think, I’m not even kidding, it tastes like a real banana has aerated itself into my mouth!! I am fucking high, Or almost there. ;D Jesus christ fifth hit. I definitely ate a fucking banana fruit candy thingies that used to be awesome in the 90s. RUNTS MAN!!!!!!!! Jesus I am high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. mathew

    This strain delivers a sense of euphoric certainty. A calming sense of well-being follows the initial energy. It puts the mind in a more comfortable place and simultaneously eases the body.

  11. wisdom

    Honestly one of the BEST strains I have ever had the opportunity to get my hands on. This review is based off the last 12 hours of ‘blazing’ down on this. Will say, pre-smoke, that I was feeling really down, not in the mood for anything, and unable to think up ideas for my art. After smoking this, fifteen minutes rolled by (time till effect is varied by tolerance) and I immediately felt like getting up and going for a walk. Especially with the beautiful white scenery in this year’s winter, the euphoria and extreme happiness/tingling from this strain gave a beautiful outlook to everything and promoted random but beautiful ideas. Immediate cure for a rough day/week/life. For users who want a tolerance suggestion; low-tol – I recommend trying a few weaker buds before hand so this strain doesn’t ‘slap’ you in the face and possibly cause paranoia. For high-tol and especially people who can mentally handle very strong highs I say jump right in and try it.

  12. mark fran

    So far white widow has been the best strain for my migraine pain. It takes it away within about ten minutes (amazing). It also makes me feel creative and energetic. It is great for early evening or daytime. The only downside sometimes it gives me a bit of anxiety. If it weren’t for that I would give it a ten.

  13. balo

    Best high i’ve ever had. Extremely potent. Anxiety with large quantities, but if you keep your amount consistent with your tolerance it’s perfect. Definitely sativa leaning with a bit of a body high, a small amount of drowsiness towards the end. Very social strain. Definitely gives a feeling of happiness and overall well-being.

  14. kelvin

    Makes my hands and feet feel fantastic!

  15. mark

    One of the best Hybrid strains. The high could be described as poisonous. Very slow creeping process which that spreads throughout the body until you’re in a complete euphoric state (almost narcotic at times depending on your tolerance and experience). Short term memory loss can be extremely likely at high amounts of intake. I’ve seen people experience Amnesia-like symptoms before where for a few seconds they forgot who they, or the people around them were. Absolutely amazing. One of the few strains that can literally change your life.

  16. marry

    I smoked one hit of this before work and let me tell you, it made me so creative and happy. I found myself writing down all my thoughts because I felt so inspired and I was getting so many insights. It was amazing! 🙂 This is a great high and I suggest anyone with writers block or anyone who wants to be creatively inspired to smoke this strain.

  17. nice

    Excellent strain! White Widow definitely delivers its legendary reputation. I was loading the nug into the bong, and I took a rip out of it.. White Widow gave a spice, smooth tasting. It taste excellent, the high feels incredible. It gives you that happy, relaxed feeling. I also became energetic, then later you mellow out and it is amazing. Would definitely buy again!

  18. jones

    I smoked White Widow before concert… I didn’t know how to act, I was amused by lights and people, and laughing my ass out… At one moment I thought that is the end of its effect, but that was just for moment, the craziness keep punching my brain out for hours! One of the best strains I’ve ever tried, I would recommend it for everyone.

  19. juliet

    Went out with a friend for a walk and we decided to test this train as i managed to get hold on it. After 1 joint we laughed for about 1 hour about random stuff and we walked really slow. Overall it was an awesome night The Euphoric effect from this strain is pretty insane, i have never felt so “light” in my body in my entire life. It was a really uplifting experience and i would recommend this strain for everyone that is depressed, suffer from anxiety or just need to relief some pressure and calm down 🙂

  20. james

    As a two-year medical marijuana user, I’ve tried many, many strains, but I’ve settled on White Widow as my favorite pain reliever and calming med. Its effect, for me, is a generally calmer body and a settled mind without much mental acceleration, and that physical comfort is what I need when my arthritis gets on my nerves. I use other strains when I want some mental stimulation and reality alteration, but I have less desire now for intense head trips. Having my body feel better is my usual goal with my meds nowadays.

  21. marry

    White Widow is a great hybrid that leaves you relaxed and sociable. Nice quality cerebral high with a definite creative feeling overall. Would recommend for a party or a good day smoke.

  22. kelvi

    Rolled it up in hemp rolling paper, busted out the hemp wick and took the first draw, and I was hooked. Smooth hits complement it’s many flavors, didn’t even realize I had taken such a big hit. As I exhaled I expected it to hit me like so many of the heavy hitters, considering this strains fame is right up there with the best. Although, the “high” effect hit just a few mins later easing you into a happy, artistic feeling. This strain is a much try for novice-seasoned smokers, medicated or recreational, it’s smooth easy, and makes you feel just right!

  23. juke

    This what was in my first bowl out of a bong I was at a party and this kid was chill enough to pack me a bowl and me being younger (my friends older brothers party) I milk the whole thing and try to clear only to find myself coughing for 10 minutes then tripping THE FUCK OUT I felt like I was floating on the moon and everyone was slow motion and euphoric just how you see when someone trips out in a movie.. yea it got me high as fuck and that was about a year ago and I havent ran into white widow since.. but i’m way down to smoke it again (:

  24. nike

    so at the advice of a friend I experimented with my white widow plants and harvested the buds at different trichome levels. some early some really late just to see the different effects. I’m here to tell ya I’m so glad I did when I smoked some bud from the white widow that I harvested at the first site of amber trichomes was out of this world amazing. Warning very psychedelic. I sit for 30 mins according to my wife staring at my hands talking about how slow they were moving. my self I was in another world I have never had weed do me this way ever. I’ve tried 1000s of strains over the years nothing compares you definitely feel no pain or anything else for that matter except extreme happiness.

  25. micheal

    The strain is the absolute best thing I could have purchased for my marriage right now. Things have been challenging and we’ve not been understanding each other. Lots of tension. Not with WW! It is making us communicate so well! A+++++ strain. Give me MORE.

  26. winks

    White Widow is a memorable strain for me, and not just because it was the first one I smoked. Even after years of daily smoking and vaporising, this strain’s indica side still floors me. It’s scent and flavour are quite plain and natural, a simple earthen taste with a touch of wood. The first few seconds of a hit will have you calm and relaxed (if not coughing madly), followed by a heavy couchlock that will leave you reaching for your favourite drink and snacks if not your bed. I have trouble recommending this strain for medical use, as its effects aren’t gentle at all. It hits ridiculously hard, and its sativa side will leave your mind wandering more than desired. Smoke with caution, and avoid combining White Widow with busy situations.

  27. winks

    Super earthy taste and smell, gorgeous bud. It’s really fluffy and looks like there’s more than there really is. Has a Very tingly body effect, especially in my legs. I smoked it before a work out and my pain tolerance was through the roof. A good weed for the day because it provides a long lasting high that doesn’t make you want to crash.

  28. nice

    If you’re looking for that perfect hybrid balance, and are okay with being spaced out for quite awhile, you’ve found the perfect strain. This herb is a light and fluffy bud, green with whitish hues in color, and covered in delicious little trichomes. When smelling from the container, it has a woody and slightly herbal smell, but when it’s smoked it gives a more earthy and woody flavor. This strain is perfect when you need a little creativity boost as well as a great strain for going on walks or hike because it greatly enhances colors and details of any setting around you. A word of warning: newbies take caution, if you aren’t accustomed to some potent effects and strong feeling of spacing out, this strain may bring a little anxiety and paranoia, otherwise, if that’s not an issue with you, have at it and have fun. Peace out.

  29. helen

    one of my fav strains puts me on the couch and makes me a happey little fellow i truly want you to enjoy this strain.

  30. joseph

    The mischief-laden widow….somewhere in the medicinal middle zone between Blue Dream and the visceral ride you’ll take on Durban Poison…. I love it. Pure and simple…. it’s about one of five I rotate through— love Headband, Master Kush, Pot o Gold, Silver Haze and other mid-high levels strains for differing conditions….. White Willow…. get up… get ready for the world with cafe au lait….. begin medicating… slowly….. repeat, PRN…. Enjoy!

  31. micheal

    While in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam I noticed a man, head down at booth. I asked the Budtender what he had smoked. He gave me a smile and said “Oh he’s German, and over did some White Widow.” I bought a few grams and tested MY limit. Needless to say an excellent buzz.

  32. kelvi

    Beautiful flower. Crystals like I have never seen before. Smelled up the entire house with her awesome aroma. Smoke was smooth, and very powerful. But… I have arthritis pain, not a good flower for that. A great flower for depression maybe, not good for pain relief though.

  33. benson

    Ever since college this strain has been my favorite. Starting with the physical appearance my mind is taken to a snowy forest in the Adirondaks. Covered in thc with rich green leaves….I’m speechless. Joints all rolled. First hit… *WizKhalifas “UP” off Kush and O.j* bam. High. As. A. Kite. Number one on my list even tho sativa based. Hands down.

  34. kelvin

    I smoked one hit of this before work and let me tell you, it made me so creative and happy. I found myself writing down all my thoughts because I felt so inspired and I was getting so many insights. It was amazing! 🙂 This is a great high and I suggest anyone with writers block or anyone who wants to be creatively inspired to smoke this strain.

  35. kai

    Confirmed for sure White Widow can support and lengthen the effects of other weed. Had some Blue Dream and then some White Widow right afterwards, the high was rather interesting: ordinarily, the Blue Dream usually quits after an hour or so, right? Add some White Widow to the mix, it’ll literally stretch the effects of Blue Dream’s alongside with it’s own effects. Crazy stuff! You gotta beware this spider’s bite. She’ll be loving on you on one moment, but the next moment, can turn against you briefly. It’s really crazy, but fun as hell.

  36. winks

    I’ve recently been introduced to this strain in the form of Sand Hash. My life is one of chronic pain, fibromyalgia and associated depression and, for me, not only does it easily control my pain (which pharmaceuticals haven’t been able) this strain also removes the side effects of chronic pain. I don’t feel high, stoopid, spacey or tired, instead I feel and behave nearly completely normal, with my usual energy and my creative mind intact and very active. Feel like my old self again, I’ve missed that.

  37. mark

    White Widow, Oh what a glorious strain. I picked up gram of WW while I was in getting some other medicine and was BLOWN AWAY. I’ve heard some amazing things about it and also read some reviews on here earlier. Yet it still caught me off gaurd to be quite honest. I’m a pretty experienced toker who has tried many different strains but White Widow has very abruptly made its way into my Top 5. A super heady high paired with intense muscle relaxation. Also seemed to be very focused. Very good strain to use when just trying to relax and wind down. Stress Relieving and Pain Relieving. If you have the chance to get your hands on some White Widow. DO IT.

  38. raul

    The hype is real! Be careful when mixing the Widow with Albert Walker as they create a magical experience for the user of the Cannabis. first five star strain

  39. vanessa

    Amazing for joint pain and muscle spasm. Extremely euphoric and happy.

  40. nike

    White widow left me chatting with my friend until 2 in the am about business ideas definitely a strain to help spike creativity I enjoyed the heavy head rush of this sativa based cannabis it had a excellent flavor with very satisfactory results.

  41. kate

    What can I say if this is my go to strain? It’s a perfect mixture of indica and sativa that makes you enjoy the unexplored world of your dreams after a couple of big bong rips with a slightly bodyhigh. The only downside of this might be the earthy taste, I enjoy more the sweet taste what most sativa’s have.

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