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Blue Dream is another hybrid strain hailing from the legendary Golden State itself. This California native has built a notorious reputation as one of the best West Coast strains ever conceived. If there was a pyramid or ranking hierarchy for weed, Blue Dream would sit at the very top amongst many other impeccable, celebrity-status strains. The reputation of Blue Dream precedes itself, and it has been recognized by many high-profile celebrities and entertainers including rapper Juicy J, Snoop Dogg and cherished cannabis activist Willie Nelson, who commends the strain for its energetic yet relaxing high. Asides from its’ impeccable therapeutic high, Blue Dream is also praised for its’ sweet and earthy flavours that are characterized by fruity notes of berries and grapes.


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Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain native to the home of marvelous phenotypes and the Golden State itself, California. This impeccable hybrid has cemented its reputation as one of the best West Coast strains to ever exist and sits at the upper echelons of the cannabis hierarchy, despite being a “baby” strain, or a phenotype that was only discovered in the modern 21st century. Blue Dream has astounded many high-profile celebrities, being mentioned by the likes of rapper Juicy J, who even wrote a song titled after the strain, Snoop Dogg, and beloved artist and cannabis advocate Willie Nelson who praises it for the heady, yet productive and energetic high. This globally recognized and critically renowned strain is so popular that it was the top-grossing strain within the states of Washington, Oregon and Colorado, selling an extraordinary $49 million dollars in 2016 alone.


Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. While its parental strains are opposite phenotypes, Blue Dream perfectly balances the soothing and relaxing body-high or couch-lock of indica strains with the cerebral, euphoric and invigorating nature of its sativa predecessor, making it great for all-around usage. Even as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it still packs quite the punch, boasting a remarkable average 20% THC concentration. These high THC levels should be taken as a precautionary warning, as the high of this strain is heavy-hitting and quick-acting. Upon smoking, users will instantly notice that the effects of Blue Dream are unlike the high of any other strains. A bizarre harmony between the sense of a sedating full-body high and a motivated, euphoric and cerebral mind-state, it is no surprise as to why Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains available today. Asides from its recreational purposes, this hybrid has many therapeutic utility as well. Blue Dream is effective for the treatment of headaches, anxiety, depression, stress and mild pain.

Appearance & Aroma

Blue Dream is a beautiful hybrid strain with tremendous bag appeal. Even for a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it boasts medium sized buds with fluorescent green leafs and a minimal amount of orange trichomes or hairs. This is an easy to grow plant that nearly always produces tight, dense buds that are blanketed by a nice layer of THC trichomes. Blue Dream brings more than just a nice physical appearance and bag appeal, as these dreamy nugs blend together delicious flavours of sweet blueberries and a mellow earthy sugar or vanilla-like essence.

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44 reviews for Buy Blue Dream

  1. juliet

    Amazing weed with a clear headed high. It really helps my ADD, I can focus for once and sat through an entire hour and half movie about weed. Focus with none of the side effects from drugs like Adderall. It lifted my mood, gave me more energy, relaxed me and caused my depression to pack up it’s bags and leave. More than just not being depressed, I actually feel happy and find life enjoyable even when I’m chronically ill every day, all of this while leaving my sex organs completely functional unlike typical antidepressants (SSRI’s). I found it gave me dry eyes but the dry mouth wasn’t bad at all. No real overwhelming munchies or anxiety, if anything it helped my anxiety, especially my social anxiety and made socializing easier. It helped a decent amount with my chronic pain as well at lower doses and at higher doses your whole body goes numb to a degree, and pain in your head and the rest of your body is just so much easier to deal with. At higher doses this strain really helps my asthma as well when vaped, I don’t think my lungs have ever worked this good before in my life. Of the 10 strains of weed I’ve tried so far Blue Dream works the best for my nausea. I can safely say that without it my illnesses have got so bad that I would probably have to have a feeding tube by now if not for the nausea control that Blue Dream provides as I wouldn’t be able to keep any food down. I would definitely reccommend this strain to anyone with nausea, pain, depression, ADD, social anxiety or autism.

  2. mark fran

    Oh what a dream it is to smoke Blue Dream. The flavor is absolutely, remarkably, spectacularly, insanely, deliciously satisfying. The flavor alone could bring cheer to the heart of even the saddest of shlubs on this side of our great beautiful earth. But all that dreamy blue deliciousness aside its quite potent also. Blue Dream Blue Dream I love this Blue Dream, what a dream, a beautiful dream it is to smoke Blue Dream. Forgive me, the flavor of the angels hath made me digress. Smoking Blue Dream gives a nice high, not too foggy so you can focus. Focus on that flavor! Nice euphoric high, great stress reducer, delicious flavor.

  3. micheal

    there is a reason that this is one of the most popular strains. I love the flavor I love the smell, very Berry with the aroma. the high is a very dream like, relaxed and happy high, a perfect high for me. I know that a girl I was with got really bad head aches and seemed to be more paranoid and on edge more so than usual with a indica heavy hybrid

  4. mark fran

    I will give credit where it is due, this is a wonderful strain worthy of its legendary status! But there are some drawbacks for depression/anxiety medicating it puts you so deep in your head that without a clear mind it can be a little heavy. Although for pain it’s wonderful a beautiful slow calm almost as if you were dipped in warm water followed by an altered dreamlike high. Would recommend for smoking with the homies not as a solo 8/10 would recommend to a bud

  5. mark fran

    Incredible strain, especially for wanting to get activities and responsibilities done. It provides a very energetic & alert high that will give you an adventurous demeanor. Two dabs of blue dream cake badder had me cleaning my kitchen and room while listening to some of the finest cannabis friendly music. A great smoke for the person who wants to get out or just get up to get some shit done!

  6. winks

    I consider this strain perfect for my psychological problems. almost every other weed with this high sativa content seems to cause extreme paranoia but nothing at all like. i felt completely free and loving and more compasionate about myself than i ever have. i have always had an extremely low self esteem and even though i knew that during the experience my depression was lifted enough for me to easily cope with it. I have complex ptds from 25 years of emotional abuse from my mother and neglect from my father. and i felt more relaxed and compassionate about myself any every other person and i knew i had that in there. recomended for anyone that has extreme emotions disturbances about things that happend during your life. not recomended for medical conditions such pchizophrenia obsessive compulsive disorder bi-polasr disorder or anything along thouse lines. not depression though, it eased my depression which had readched a level were i was on suicide watch for 3 years. this strain made my happier and have a more controlled perspective on life while enjoying myself than any other strain ever. deffinately by far my favorite

  7. judas

    Never gets old – no matter how many times and examples I try. Sativa fan’s dream; quick hitting, uplifting/soaring euphoria, energy filled creativity, and doesn’t seem to create strain tolerance over time (probably an effect of the Haze). The taste/smell can range from fruity sweet to sharp/earthy haze and is usually a nice blend of the two. The looks is typically medium to lighter green -usually one consistent shade with intertwined long orange ‘Haze’ hairs. A classic staple in the world of MJ.

  8. winks

    I’m one of those people that can become very anxious and paranoid from the, “wrong,” strain. This didn’t end up being one of those and in fact was very helpful all around with my fibromyalgia, anxiety, panic, and depression. It also helped my insomnia in higher dosages … This one has the potential to ease symptoms throughout the day, or to treat insomnia at night. All around good general “fix-all” medicine. My method of administration was through a vaporizer pen made for concentrates, and specifically the product I had purchased was one gram of blonde powderyish + stickyish wax of Blue Dream from Delta Health and Wellness on 17th St. in downtown Sacramento, California

  9. kate

    Not too many people know this, but back during the Stone Age cavemen had hella kind buds! The stuff grew everywhere and it was really potent because it was fertilized with dinosaur poop. See, they used to feed a Brontosaurus bean and cheese burritos until it was stuffed, then they ran like hell before the deluge hit. The problem was they only had one pipe and they lost it at a King Crimson concert and smoking out of an apple was way too ghetto. So despite all that great weed, Neanderthal Man never got to take a giant sucking tornado hit of Caveman Kush. One day, after years of looking fruitlessly for an aluminum can, they all just said ‘fuck it’ and died. That’s what happened to Neanderthal Man. They never tell you this kinda shit at the museum, but you know how -I- know? Blue Dream. I took a big ol’ leather- lungs hit of Blue Dream and all that stuff came to me like the revealed truth. I also discovered Fritos are yummy and Kyuss is stony. That’s THREE Nobel-Level discoveries off one hit of Blue Dream. Leafly tells me Blue Dream is great for “novice and veteran consumers” but I dunno. After this shit crow-barred open my Third Eye (not THAT eye, you perv!), I’m pretty sure novice “consumers” might find themselves revealing H.P. Lovecraft-esque truths and go mad, while the veteran “consumers” point at them and laugh hysterically about what a bunch of lightweights they are. All I know is that I’m all about this Dora the Explorer shit that Blue Dream engender and so it’s time for another hit or three! See you in Oslo!

  10. mark

    Smoked almost a whole ounce of this strain yesterday with some buddies of mine, had an amazing time. It was crazy how high I was, but still aware of my high and my feelings. I was focused and very able to just communicate with people. Overall amazing strain and would definitely smoke again.

  11. mathew

    When I first smoke this with one of my best friends I felt the high just hit me like a brick. I looked over at my best friend and asked what he was feeling and he said “I feel happy, nothing could go wrong all the stress I had in the day is all gone” I would recommend this strain

  12. raul

    The high hits u after 2 pulls starts off by just dizzy but then after 10 mins…..BOOM it hits u u feel like your in a cartoon and like everything is slow motion and everything is funny.long high.really reccomended.

  13. winks

    Definitely my favorite strain. It helps with so many health problems, insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain. It will take you into another world. Very potent, makes you giggly and very very relaxed. Great bud for just hangin’ out and relaxin’ with friends. This is a true “man, am I stoned” strain.

  14. raul

    Bd made me feel like I was a whole person. Which is a nice way to feel. The whole point of weed is so you can be yourself and deal with the Nazi’s later. ns

  15. raul

    Best strain for depression imo. I couldnt sleep for weeks and my eating decreased to about a half a salad a day. this blue dream came along and by by depression.

  16. wisdom

    I give this strain 5/5 stars. I wasn’t really expecting much from this bud, but holy smokes! this strain, next to trainwreck and blubbery kush, is on my list of favorites. my first experience with it I only smoked a little bit and didn’t get very high then a few days after that I sat down and smoked more. lots more. before I knew it, my surroundings seemed more peaceful and bright and colorful and my body was able to fully relax. the cerebral effects of this bud come on hard and fast and should stick around anywhere from 30 mins to 3 hours depending on tolerance and amount smoked. I do need to warn that it is possible to get “too high” if you’re not expecting it. it happened to me and I got trapped looping in extreme paranoia

  17. mike

    very good stain one of my favorites i have bipolar disorder, anxiety, and ptsd and this staind worked wonders. made me feel like nothing could upset me or cause my bipolar anxiety to flare up. very calming relaxed mellow high.

  18. john

    I smoked some Blue Dream, then had a phone convo with a friend that went something like this: Her: “Wahwah wah wahwahwah wahwah…” Me: “………………………………………….wh-whassgoinon?” Very relaxing!

  19. joseph

    I tripped out on this strain. I smoked too much, got too high one night. I have smoked it before and been fine and then one night I inhaled everything including the little bit in my mouth. minutes later my whole body started locking up so I got up and then boom. my thoughts went bonkers. words kept repeating in my head. everything was distorted. my auditory senses were kicked up 10 notches. I heard everything so clearly. things moved in slow mo. my body was numb from being high. it felt good and weird all at once. I haven’t smoked weed since. it was just very very strong. it took me 17 hours to come completely down from the high. I don’t smoke a lot. maybe once or twice every week or two. and half a regular sized joint at that. as of right now after that experience, I am not smoking weed for a while. I will in the future. But I just I am scared lol I both loved and hated the experience. I think it was an overload and I need break from it. sadly I only had about .2 or .3 grams in the joint and I still have enough left for one or two more joints. I’m such a light weight. it is so sad lol I’m definitely gonna smoke this strain only at home.

  20. kate

    Lineage: Super Silver Haze x Blueberry Blue Dream is said to have been bred originally in Santa Cruz Ca This cut truly shows the Cali blue flavors that just make your mouth water, light and airy with a blueberry splash. One of my personal favorites, with a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. Nice soaring Sativa with a heavy Indica ground. It’s great medicinally for anxiety, Body Pain, Glaucoma, Headaches,depression, nausea, and digestive issues.

  21. mark fran

    Blue Dream is my go-to strain for my everyday fibromyalgia pain and muscle spasm medicine, it is gentle enough to use very day and throughout the day. It is a nice hybrid, with the muscle spasm easing effects of a indica, and the euphoric, headache easing effects of a Sativa without anxiety effects. I use it when I wake up to get moving, and even use it to help me sleep. I recommend this for muscle spasm issues, depression and anxiety, pain, and other general health issues. Gentle, yet effective.

  22. charles

    wow, this shit knocked me on my ass super potent just all around fire , from the tastyness to the smell its great would definatly get more

  23. kelvin

    Oh man! This was my very first time smoking blue dream. I had read a lot about it, my friends talked about it a lot, I’ve heard songs written about it e.g. Jhene Aiko…so let’s just say that I was anticipating a really good time. And that was exactly what i got…and more! This strain is soooo relaxing! I had absolutely zero worries. I smoked a blunt of this with a friend, vaped some in my Airis Viva (a vaporizer that i really recommend, you can really taste the flavor out of the bud using this little baking vaporizer) and i was LIT! I’m talking super heady high, high levels of euphoria, creativity…amazing! I might have just found a competitor for my beloved Girlscout. Negatives? Who am I kidding? I can’t think of any! Would highly recommend this strain to all! Absolutely zero paranoia, zero anxiety, just pure fucking joy.

  24. eliot

    Blue Dream is the toker’s weed. It is not the strongest, not the trippiest, not the drowsiest, not the most social… it isn’t super great for any one particular ailment. Blue Dream will boost your mood and relax your body while still allowing you to maintain public normalcy. Blue Dream doesn’t MAKE you feel a certain way, it simply allows you to choose how you want to feel at any given moment, and then magnifies it. It is truly a staple to have in the medicine cabinet. Don’t take if you are smoking to go to sleep.

  25. kelvin

    Blue dream is definitely a strain that will quickly make it to your favorites list! With that being said, this strain can be used during both day and night. I noticed that if you smoke a little bit, you’ll get more sativa effects and If you smoke a good bit, the indica effects take over. This strain is great for pain, stress/anxiety, appetite issues, sleep issues and much more! No matter how much you smoke, you’ll feel great and euphoric! I always have to pick this up when I find some! Great strain 4/5! 🙂

  26. kelvin

    Great batch around the Tempe area if you like to feel more uplifted and not so heavy. Great all day and night smoke as it relaxes the mind and body after a few hrs. Very sociable as well, love being close with my girl on this stuff. Always a go to for me when it is this quality. A+

  27. johnny

    i’m currently a cancer patient and i just had a cycle of chemotherapy yesterday and have been experiencing nausea and vomiting all day. i smoked some blue dream specifically for relief and it has worked like a charm. for the first time today my spirits are high, i don’t feel any nausea and am able to keep some things down. this stuff truly is medicine.

  28. winks

    I love this strain. GREAT day time hybrid. Makes u feel like u’ve just scratched a spot on your back that you could not reach for days and it’s been itching you like crazy. I am running out of words here to describe how good your whole body and mind feels after medicating with this. The high is on the border of “functioning and couch potato” and you can control it as you want and go either way. Beautiful stuff !!!

  29. marry

    I met the love of my life with this strain and it has been my favorite ever since. Sativa like conversation, aphrodisiac, indica like body high (in higher doses). Amazing taste and perfect all-day strain.

  30. raul

    The Blue Dream I smoked was quite frosted with crystals and had very vibrant pistils. The Bud was perfectly dried, the stems snapped with a nice pop. Aroma wise the bud smelt very potent and earthy with a strong mixed sweet/sour smell. I thought it was quite a relaxing smell. The bud burned nicely and had a very strong taste that I quite enjoyed; initially a very potent sour blueberry taste with a very nice sweetness that followed. The high picked me up and kept me at a nice place while also allowing me to just relax and enjoy the high. I also was quite happy with the pain relief it brought me. I’d HIGHLY recommend Blue Dream to anyone looking for the whole package whether you’re a new smoker or a veteran.

  31. john

    Just an all around incredible high. I love analyzing highs and this was by far my favorite to enjoy and contemplate. This is the most flawless 50/50 hybrid imaginable. You are able to control the high whatever way you like. Helped my anxiety, my depression and my headaches. Best of both indica and sativa. Strongly recommend to anyone 🙂

  32. joe

    This is called Platinum Blue Dream and it is awesome. Very good pain management and a pleasantly relaxed feeling.

  33. joys

    Distinct smell is of blueberrys and pine, thick but surprisingly smooth smoke, immediate heavy cerebral effects, body buzz creeps in after a full dose. Mind is alert but body is calm and relaxed. # 1 fav overall medical strain as the advanced user and the beginner user will be medicated for a long time.

  34. kate

    Still a classic smoke for me. Gives the right amount of energy and relaxation. Always a go-to killer for my anxiety.

  35. kate

    Definitely my favorite strain. It helps with so many health problems, insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain. It will take you into another world. Very potent, makes you giggly and very very relaxed. Great bud for just hangin’ out and relaxin’ with friends. This is a true “man, am I stoned” strain.

  36. mark fran

    Blue dream is close to the best strain that I have found for my needs. For depression it is a great strain. It has a nice smooth uplift, with a steady mild euphoria within minutes. • It’s also helpful with anxiety as it allows me to think a bit clearer, and calmer. It helps calm racing thoughts, but doesn’t limit your creativity. • A great daytime or nighttime use strain. Wonderful for a mid-day slump to get you back in gear. Also perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. The taste is amazing, nice flavor with a smooth hit. Batch info: Curio Wellness in Maryland (Dispensed by RevolutionReleaf), [ THCa ]: 23.8% [ Cbd ] : 0% –> This stain is high in Terpenes, specifically Myrcene, Pinene, Terpinolene (10.2 mg/g!), Nerolidol, Ocimene, linalool, B-Pinene. The terpenes in Blue Dream seem to have a nice counter effect to any negative thc effects and give a calmer experience. Generally for myself with thca, anything over 22-23 percent tends to eventually bring on some level of mild anxiety (tighter jaw and a stimulated feeling), but certainly NOT this strain, thanks to its expansive terpene profile. I have found it to be relaxing. Throughout my experience with Blue Dream, I have found the effects are fast and very effective. I have Depression, Anxiety, and Adhd, so when I find a strain that treats/helps all three simultaneously, like this does, it’s awesome. It’s a top-shelf-medical strain that I recommend to beginners and more experienced individuals. I personally have not found a much better strain for depression and panic attacks. Again, highly recommended. If you get a chance to try this please do, and enjoy!

  37. winks

    The name speaks for itself; a blueberry smell with a euphoric effect. The sativa dominant form allows for a very talkative experience with a relaxing body high. This combination creates a kind of high is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. You’re not sinking into the couch, and you’re paranoid that someone is watching you or judging you. A very relaxing high. Only negatives: dry mouth, and dry eyes

  38. kate

    Never gets old – no matter how many times and examples I try. Sativa fan’s dream; quick hitting, uplifting/soaring euphoria, energy filled creativity, and doesn’t seem to create strain tolerance over time (probably an effect of the Haze). The taste/smell can range from fruity sweet to sharp/earthy haze and is usually a nice blend of the two. The looks is typically medium to lighter green -usually one consistent shade with intertwined long orange ‘Haze’ hairs. A classic staple in the world of MJ.

  39. rita

    Smoking some high quality blue dream is like a religious experience

  40. winks

    damn perfect every time! what can I say but thank you to the farmacy in Fife Lake. …your growers got this and the blue cheese right. time use co2 on your blueberry lol but back to the strain on topic. .wonderful big bud great colors nice crystals and the high is super long like usual helps my mental state also my run on sentences; ) haha dry mouth sets in but no biggie .but in this guy’s dispensary it’s all organic and I got three strains all taste great damn good flush cause most dirt grown taste like dirt to me maybe more to organic then I thought. .I do a hydro and get super flavorful clean and clear weed like these guys to get the clean flavor from the blue dream is top notch. please stop by and pick up your own and enjoy

  41. mark

    I just smoked this beautiful creature less than 5 min ago. I would have to say very very nice! had a bit of a little bit of an upset stomach before smoking and it’s gone. I normally smoke raspberry kush as my daily smoker, however I may be changing. not dragging even a little bit great flower lives up to the name.

  42. kelvin

    I bought a Magical Butter machine and made my first batch of butter a day later . I used 17 1/2 grams of Blue Dream . I used to boxes of unsalted butter. I am really surprised at how potent this butter is because I put like Starbuck cold coffee in the microwave and then after about a minute I add a tablespoon or teaspoon ,depending on weather or not I need more or less. anyways I know it sounds sick. I believed it to sound horrible but left with zero ways to hide the very strong taste of cannabis . I had to do something to hide the strong taste.Thought about it. after 10 years of knowing about doing this coffee trip. I gave in. I’m Very very surprised . Please try.. You may be just as surprised as I was.

  43. nice

    I finally got to try this strain after hearing so much about it, it did exceed my expectations. It is a hybrid, focused high that came as a creeper that was more of a distracted … Oh wait, I am REALLY high now. Smoke was sweet without too much flavor; high was enjoyable, lasting and thoughtful. This is a strain for lifting one’s spirits and elevating one’s mood into a more happy and light hearted stance. Great for after work or when you want to laugh with friends roll a joint of this and pass it around!

  44. rita

    URMAHGAWD! This is definitely one of my favorite strains! Just hit that shit and it hit me pretty quick. An amazing, calming full body high that always makes me feel so much better. I’m a cancer survivor with chronic pain, depression, and other health issues, and just recently started the high life after being a survivor for about 8 years. Definitely happy that I started doing weed (on suggestion of friend) to help with my health issues and stuff, because it makes my life so much better and easier to handle. This strain is dope though! Amazing flavor and the smell is nice too! The high is full-body, but I can always function after smoking it or just chill out. Definitely one of my favorites, and one of my top suggestions for a strain everyone one should try. 10/10

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