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Funky Farms vape carts are the perfect anxiety relief while on the go. Broad Spectrum (THC FREE) extract in a ceramic coil disposable cartridge with botanically derived terpenes and MCT oil. 350mg of CBD per 1ml cart. Buy Funky Farms Vape Cartridge Online. Order Funky Farms Vape Cartridge Online. Buy dank vapes online.

Funky Farms

Funky farm flavors


If you need something a little more funky and fun in your CBD vape pen cartridge, then Funky Farms has developed the Frosty Watermelon flavor just to help you get grooving.

Rich in terpenes and full-on flavor, Frosty Watermelon combines the natural cannabis terps with CBD and MCT oil for a one-of-a-kind vape experience


A truly relaxing experience, the Granddaddy Purple flavored CBD cartridge is rich in cannabis terpenes that will have you dropping all that extra baggage from the day’s stress. Mixed with a full spectrum hemp extract, the Granddaddy Purple cartridge from Funky Farms is not one you want to miss.


With the power of full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD, combined with the natural flavors of cannabis terpenes and MCT oil. With 350mg of concentrate per cartridge, this Funky Farms product is sure to last you as long as you need and to be delicious all throughout.


If you need a dessert vape that isn’t going to melt you into the couch, the Lemon Cake vape cartridge from Funky Farms provides a buzzy mood boost. And with full-spectrum hemp extract, things will never get too racy, but they will bring a lift that you can’t always get from a cup of coffee.


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