Hindu kush

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THC : 22%

CBD:  0.1%

EFFECTS…Euphoria,Aroused,Energetic,Happy,Hungry,Creative,Sleepy,Relaxed,and Uplifting

CURES…,Anxiety,Gastrointestinal Disorder,Insomnia,Lack Of Appetite,Multiple Sclerosis,Nausea,Pain,Stress

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Buy Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain Online

Buy Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain Online is a real favorite among marijuana consumers the world over, so popular that this strain even makes an appearance in the game Hempire. The Hindu Kush. This amazing hash plant is covered in trichomes. Hindu Kush Weed Strain is a pure Indica that provides a classic heavy-body effect while knocking out pain and easing muscle tension.

Medical Benefits of Hindu Kush Weed

Like many others in the Kush family, this strain has uses applicable to a number of medical marijuana patients.

Medical consumers tend to enjoy this strain for its potent appetite stimulating and pain relief properties

Stomach pains and gastrointestinal issues melt away

Medical marijuana patients have also been known to use this strain to relieve stress, anxiety, MS, ADD/ADHD, and other more serious ailments.

Additional information

Hindu kush

Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)

24 reviews for Hindu kush

  1. micheal

    This is an absolutely fantastic strain. It also is kind of a double use strain. Smoke a medium to large amount of it, and it’s incredible for helping insomnia, but smoke a little bit, and it’s one of the best strains for helping with depression and stress. I, like many others, often have days where I struggle to even get out of bed because of depression and anxiety, but one hit from my bong of some nice, BC grown Hindu Kush, and I was smiling genuinely in literally 30 seconds. It makes a new meaning to “Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit”, which is one of those kind of cringy high school stoner quotes, but really makes sense for a select few strains. Hindu Kush will allow you to be happy and relaxed even when your brain would like to be anything but, and can help you get out of bed in the morning, and back into bed at night. Use it carefully during the day, because it’s such a good tasting strain, it’s very easy to oversmoke it and become couch locked very quickly.

  2. nike

    Two puffs and I am instantly overcome with peacefulness. The Hindu Kush cannabis strain is great for tackling anxiety head on! The Hk wins every single time. I find the flavour to be unique; the perfect combination of spicy and earthy. I like the way the smoke feels on my throat. It doesn’t quite cool, but there’s no burn either. The aroma is kind of mysterious, almost like a fine blend of exotic spices with a hint of flowers. Unlike most other kush strains that I’ve tried, Hindu doesn’t make me sleepy. Yes, it relaxes me but it also clears my head so that I’m able to focus on tasks at hand. It is uplifting and calming at the same time. Twice now I’ve tried it for headaches, and it worked. Within twenty minutes, poof headaches were gone. Hindu Kush is a top 10 medicinal strain for me. This review was written within fifteen minutes of enjoying a wee bit of Hk.

  3. nice

    Excellent pain meds, and with a creative side too. I went from squirming in pain to writing lyrics in about 5-6 tokes. I had a twinkle in my eye for my wife 😉 Hashy smell and taste, maybe with a hint of lemon pepper and pine. It was smooth in and out, even the second bag at higher temperatures.

  4. juke

    When I think of “Indica” I think of couch locked, dazed, confused, Stoned, and sleepy. I received all that and more. From a neural aspect, it really slows your thinking down. When you take Sativa, sometimes you can be lost in your thoughts, the mind races and you can’t seem to catch up. For some Indicas, it can get to that point where you end up spooking yourself and you feel empty headed. But with Hindu Kush, I felt like I actually had a map, and my whole journey was a very euphoric one. My body felt relaxed, any pains I had slowly went away and my whole body felt like jelly. Gravity felt really heavy. As far as medical aspects go, this little flower can put you to sleep, so it’s great for those who suffer from insomnia; everything felt euphoric too, so I guess anxiety can be checked off the list. Plants physical features: – Dark green leaves that gradient into a dark purple – Citrusy lime yellowish-white kief that smothers the plant like a dude who sunk his hand into a bottom of a Cheeto bag Smell: KUSH+pine with lemon zest Earthy Taste: Joint/Bong – smooth, burnt ‘all spice’ taste Vape – Very very very piney/citrus with a generous dash of spice Hindu Kush is an amazing nightime strain. I’m about to load up my vape for the 2nd time just before I go to sleep. It’s the first time in a long while that I had sleep with a serene and calm mind.

  5. nike

    I received a strong version of this bud. I smoke or vape every few hours usually. This has a body high effect. It is best taken if you are planning to lie down or take a ride to a store, safety first. It is good for body pain and muscle spasms.

  6. mark fran

    Great strain! I have terrible back problems (L5 S1 vertebrae). This strain relieves all of my pain and discomfort in less than 5 minutes after consumption! Great for body numbing, yet very mild as far as head effects are concerned. I’m so impressed with its medicinal value that I created this account so I could write this strain review in hopes of helping others with crippling body pains. I have tried over 70 different strains over the years, so I don’t say this lightly, but this is the very best strain I have ever had the privilege of trying as far as body pain relief is concerned!

  7. juliet

    One of my favorite all around strains. Excellent for fibromyalga pain, migraines, arthritis, and insomnia. Woodsy, nearly incense-like smell and taste. Very mellow and relaxing.

  8. marry

    Smells fruity and earthy, with a hint of citrus when I inhale inside the bag full of thick, but soft buds. I’m in a coffeeshop in Nijmegen and I’ve just rolled a long, dense mix of tobacco with hash and freshly grinded Hindu Kush in generous amount. My first puff is not heavy at all, and the joint only packs a punch at the end, or maybe that’s only when I realized how sedated I was. That’s just when euphoria kicked in, followed by a deep sense of tranquility and relaxation. I was not consciously breathing anymore. For a while the loud music in the coffeeshop moved to an specific lane of my consciousness stream and my focus became diamond sharp on the words on my phone screen. The pressure in my eyeballs leaked out in bliss. My chocolate milkshake has arrived now and I couldn’t be happier. A classic strain for people who just need a break from pain and want to open a window that shows life as a bucolic country novel.

  9. kate

    Just got this strain and have been smoking it for a few hours, and it’s a different kind of indica high for me but I really like it. I have the body high and am completely stoned, feeling uplifted and euphoric but somewhat couch locked. But I’m also getting really weird visuals when I close my eyes. The strangest thing is it makes me really focused and I’m getting some studying done at almost midnight now. I recommend this strain to any working professional, someone with a difficult job or college/grad students that need to relieve some stress because you can still be productive while high. I mean look at this long ass review I wrote!

  10. mark

    The most relaxing strain I have ever had. Crisp, clean refreshing high. Hardly any head high.

  11. nelson

    Everyone is different but Hindu for me has more of an uplifting, positive and tranquil feeling than anything else. Eases pain very well. If you have muscle or back pain and want to be productive and positive its perfect. it makes sense that this strain came from spiritual lands. Its blessed by the Gods.

  12. nike

    Solid all around bud. It has the smell, it has nasty hairs, it has all the sleep making, food eating, pain relieving attributes that anyone would wish. I just 20 minutes back had 5 hits of this wonderful flower in my bong. I at first thought i was dealing with a ‘all tick no boom’ bud…. But maybe into the 3rd hit i found out my mistake. (happy too, not cheep lol) I would recommend this to anyone who has serious pain. I try to find the strain that knock out my back pain the most, this one seems to be one of them. With the history of this bud i have been looking for it for a long timeand am quite glad to have found it!

  13. joseph

    A true 5 star plant. I’m personally finding that the landrace are the best. Hindu Kush is awesome I dare say better than afghani and bubba Kush pre 98 as well. The taste is the classic earthy Kush flavor that indica smokers have come to love. I have a hard time sleeping because I have a Labral tear. This takes care of the pain issue and not being able to sleep problem. This has become my go to for before bed it’s everything you’re looking for in an Indica

  14. joseph

    What do I say about HK other than how amazing it is? Where do I begin? First, let’s start with first getting it. When I was informed it was available, I practically fell backwards. I had heard of it, but never smoked it. The smell alone is amazing. And this is before the packaging was even opened. I couldn’t stop smelling it. It was amazing. Once I opened it, the smell was to die for. I had never realized how amazing this strain was, and I hadn’t smoked it yet. From the first hit, I felt great. The perfect body high one could expect from a pure indica strain. It tastes great, the smoke isn’t too strong smelling. It relaxed me, helped relieve stress and anxiety (both of which I suffer from) and it helped with my back pain. Some people don’t like HK and I don’t know why. Classic strains are amazing and this is as classic as they come. All the special strains and hybrids are cool, but sometimes going back to basics is the best way to go. For a marijuana connoisseur such as myself, HK is now my favorite strain.

  15. mark fran

    I always assumed that I did not like indicas — I like a clear, productive high. However, I found this to be very consistently helpful for writing and ideation. The taste is terrible… I thought it was just my batch. I noticed that it gave great visuals, while in bed. Very dreamy… And not much of a problem in the morning, either. Great strain —

  16. kelvi

    With this journal entry, I have smoked this Hindu Kush for the fourth time now. This strain of cannabis completely takes all of my pain, anxiety, and stress away within the first five minutes of toking. Normally these effects would only last about four hours, but this Hindu Kush leaves me pain-free and stress-free for about a day. Each time I have woken up the next day after smoking during the day or at night, I feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

  17. winks

    This is one hell of an indica. The smell and floavor is earthy and dank. Like anywhere I have it I get complaints about it smelling to dank and the smell sticking around. That’s what I like to hear! The onset of the high is like any other. It’s the after the onset where this strain stands out. First it’s normal, then it’s holly cow I’m that baked? A definite strain to try if you are into indicas.

  18. kate

    This has to be the quintessential Indica. One of the oldest land race strains dating back thousands of years Alexander the Great is said to enjoy it’s qualities on his conquest of the nown world. The tribal clans that inhabit afgahnistan packistan and surrounding areas have used this herb as a healing plant and in spiritual ways they revered this plant. I can see why it’s a classic indica I would say it is what an indica should be. Smooth smooth smoke easy on the lungs and it brings you to a place u will just luv it is very potent but not loosing your cool potent it has a different feel to it compared to most other indicas. Great for pain releif and and generally wat ails you it is perfect. I can see why it was gaurdedby thetribes for century’s back before christ. They cherised it’s abilities and I can see why. definitely pick some up if you come across this u won’t be dissatisfied with your purchase. But hard to come by usually the old timers grow this and it’s kept in there little circles so grab it wen u can a 10 out of 10 for myself and I never give top marks but this one is well worth it.

  19. kelvin

    Hindu Kush is a classic strain. It sends me off on magic carpet rides through the mystical mountains before falling into a long, peaceful slumber. It works well on managing the PTSD-body symptoms.

  20. raul

    Phuk i’m baked. I’m riding a rollercoaster of tingles and zings through the 4th dimension, if the 4th dimension was essentially composed of you having a perpetual orgasm whilst sheathed by an extremely dense atmosphere, one much denser than our own. The atmosphere would closely resemble that of Titan’s (Saturn’s largest moon). If I could describe this high in one word (and I can’t) I would describe it as euphorically disorienting. If you’re going to hide away in the garage and get stoned out of your mind before your dreaded family reunion, keep some eye drops on deck. You’ll be glad you did. I just smoked this in my garage listening to White Iverson By post malone, so I’m drop free. Good smoke though, if you like body highs.

  21. herbert

    Great for an Indi…not too bad on the second day high. The more I smoked the more I enjoyed it. It wasn’t too bad as far as the couchlock, and it really worked on my back pain.

  22. paul saul

    To start it WOULD be a 5/5 if this strain was for someone like myself, but I’m reviewing it based on multiple opinions that others collectively agreed on. This strain is a godfather strain that comes originally from the Hindu mountains. The strain is a very heavy Indica that really is great for sleep, pain and relaxation. That being said, if you’re someone who has an active lifestyle, you are in constant check with your body and when you do things like eat/sleep, this isn’t a prefered strain for you. This strain is tailored to someone who is having sleep issues or they’re in some body pain. Because it’s such a heavy indica, we felt days after smoking it daily, we were sleeping in longer, we felt less energized and not as in a good mood for socializing. It was a couch-lock strain threw-in-threw. After a long day at work, it made the night just feel really great! It relaxed your body, relieved stress and calmed us down. During the day it did exactly as such, you see where we are going with this? The strain is great for a specific time and person, but if you want to not be locked into a couch or sleeping throughout the day, this isn’t a strain for you. If you like what we listed, it’s a great strain for you. Again, we recommend it for back pain, foot pain as well as sleeping issues. A long weekend with a vape pen or joint of this will make you sleep(in) like a baby. We did however give it 4/5 because it lost a star dew to how much of a weed hangover effect it gave us over the course of smoking it for a week.

  23. kate

    The sweet fruity scent of this strain drives me higher ? it has a GREAT taste, the high is AMAZING, RELAXING & Chillaxing…definitely the strain to go for if you just wanna kick off your shoes and relax your feet, Watch a movie, or sit on the beach and watch the sun set

  24. raul

    Ok let’s start with the aesthetics – this is just a beautiful bud makes me think of an exotic red head. The taste is so unique and delicious there is a menthalated zip to the taste that I love. She is so dense and just seems to burn forever. So we love the effect instant pain relief and body relaxation it feels exactly like you feel after a massage even with the tingles crawling up your spine into your brain. It definitely makes you couch locked but the mind is still alert and interested in everything. It feels like you are floating on a cloud. And then After about 20 mins its gOodnight. This weed puts me down every time. I recommended this for someone who needs appetite pain relief and sleep relief.

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