Lemon Haze

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Lemon Haze is a sativa marijuana strain that smells and tastes like fresh peeled lemon slices. Lemon Haze is made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint.


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Northern Lights Indica Cannabis Flower, formerly known as CI #5 F1, is an award winning Indica dominant strain. This strain is well received by growers, medical patients, and recreational consum

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Lemon Haze cannabis seeds form a welcome addition to the Amsterdam Genetics seeds catalogue. That’s due in part to the great balanced result of crossbreeding her esteemed parents, Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. This hybrid celebrity leans toward the sativa end of the spectrum (60%), and yet, her indica background (40%) adds to her acclaimed effects. She complements her sativa dominance with a few uniquely body-oriented indica effects. Clocking in at a neat 19% THC content average, giving this lemon a good squeeze can be a bit much for inexperienced consumers or the paranoia-prone. However, for those able to handle a bit of pot power, Lemon Haze cannabis seeds carry joyous mood boosts paired with a luxurious, lasting body buzz.

Lemon Haze Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Haze feminized cannabis seeds carry a much-appreciated strain, offering balanced effects that represent the best of their sativa and indica heritage. A wonderfully pleasant sour taste matched by a smoothness to the throat make this a joy to taste. Medical benefits mainly address the pain relief and anti-stress spectrum.

The main attraction of Lemon Haze lies in her intense effects, however. A gradual build-up of a unique mental buzz slowly changes to a deeply felt body chill, with interesting recreational applications for connoisseurs of varied preferences. Definitely cannabis seeds to try at least once for indoor growers, with fine results in most outdoor climes and settings as well.


Lemon Haze serves its effect like a two-stage rocket. She starts off with a slow-onset, easy-going mental sativa high, followed over time by a deep indica-leaning body stone. Good for active days, before exercise, or as a dedicated bedroom romance strain.

Due to the creeping accumulation of effects, this is a strain made for moderate dosage. This is no ideal night cap strain, though; it may keep you up well into the night, as creative thoughts keep bubbling up or body awareness leaves you too alert to doze off. Instead, this is your strain of choice if you want to experience extensive, lasting happiness, deep chills, and perhaps something sensual on the side…

Medical Potential

Lemon Haze brings clear focus and cerebral relaxation, suggesting potential for stress and ADHD relief. The uplifting euphoric streak the Lemon Haze owes to its Silver Haze parentage offers good options for tempering depression and low moods as well. Some report good results for controlling PTSD symptoms and nausea using this strain. Physically speaking, Lemon Haze is appreciated for its analgesic capacity in relieving chronic pain, head and body aches, and nerve pain alike.

Flavour & Aroma

As the name suggests, the flavour and aroma of Lemon Haze center around zesty splashes of lemony sourness. Focusing purely on that aspect of the unmistakable Lemon Haze taste would not do justice to her sweet touch, however. Doing so also risks skipping over the classic touches of tangy skunk present in the bouquet. Even those not used to frequent smoking commend her soft and gentle caress of the airways. A surprisingly mild taste for a strain packing such a punch in terms of her highs and medicinal potential. Myrcene and limonene dominate the strain in terms of terpenes, with traces of terpinolene for added fruitiness. That accounts for the anxiety and depression treatment potential, and for added pain relief through subtle entourage effects.


Additional information

Lemon Haze

Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)

60 reviews for Lemon Haze

  1. faith

    I bought a half ounce of this strain because it was on a screaming deal. Never again! It’s horrible. I barely feel any effects and I will smoke about 1g-1.5g per sitting. It’s just a really weak strain. Would not recommend.

  2. fluww

    HOLLY SHIT! Me and my friends were smoking in a little chill place in the woods near my house I took one rip out of my friends bong. And then about 10 minutes later. I had the most extreme paranoia i’ve ever had in my life! I hid in the fucking bushes for 20 minutes shaking with fear that the cops were chasing me and they were right outside of the bushes. I saw car lights and were convinced they were cop lights. I was straight up literally praying to god that i would never smoke again and to forgive me for my sins and i was so sorry, and how bad i didnt want to get aressted. It was the weirdest shit ever. After A while i decided to confront the “cops” and i slowly crept out of the bushes to face fate. NOTHING WAS THERE. IT was the most intense fit of paranoia and aniexty i’d ever had. It was like meth. I was tripping out. LMFAO. THIS SHIT IS NOT FOR BEGINERS (ME)

  3. kate

    A definite favorite of mine, in the top 3 out of all the different strains I have tried. The buzz was quiet long, but I didn’t have that much so it could have been much longer. It went down so smooth I would gladly swap this for air if I could. And to top it off, it tastes amazing. There are not many strains better than this one, with everything positive and it cured my depression, lack of appetite and pain. I tried this with blueberry rizzla, and let me tell you, Jamie Oliver couldn’t make a better tasting product, that shit was magical. Would definitely recommend, however I felt a tad dizzy when it started to wore off, probably because it blew me away.

  4. raul

    Come on was slow and gentle. Made to feel even more delayed by the extremely clear head. Not only is it similar to Jack Herer in that regard, but it also shares the wide-eyed vision. Although…instead of Jack’s soaring euphoria, this is more beaming cheeriness. You can feel the rosiness in your cheeks and there’s a comforting feeling like being taken care of at home. Surprisingly energetic, my body feels light and eager to move about. Would be outstanding for travel and walking around interesting places. Feel like a spy protecting the secret of my highness. Watching things is emotionally engaging, captivating the entirety of your concentration. Socializing is cool and fun, aided by a confidence boost. Music is interesting…it certainly sounds good, is compelling and easy to stone out to. There’s also a distance that is warm and cozy, but gone to a degree that diminishes emotional resonance. Ideal for chilling out and good vibes with friends. Fun, enriching, pretty psychoactive, capable, and good for socializing and doing. There might be a slight shakiness, some paranoia, a twinge in the chest. An 8 out of 10. It just seems like there’s too many situations that this would pair nicely with. Similar to Trainwreck, but not a copy – unique in it’s own way.

  5. kelvin

    Several days and severa joints later I must revise my review. This medicine is awesome! Stress and depression are no match for this herb, which fills your brain with happiness and euphoria without turning your brains to mush. Too much and you will lose yourself to your very chatty brain and explore regions of the mind that may be alarming or confusing, but satisfying in the end. I revisited long forgotten childhood memories and I gained a lot of insights. Psychonauts overdose away because this weed can take you places. If you feel strong enough for the psychedelic rollercoaster than smoke dat weed till your brains start to froth. If however you value your shredded sanity, play this baby with a little bit of caution.

  6. winks

    Several days and severa joints later I must revise my review. This medicine is awesome! Stress and depression are no match for this herb, which fills your brain with happiness and euphoria without turning your brains to mush. Too much and you will lose yourself to your very chatty brain and explore regions of the mind that may be alarming or confusing, but satisfying in the end. I revisited long forgotten childhood memories and I gained a lot of insights. Psychonauts overdose away because this weed can take you places. If you feel strong enough for the psychedelic rollercoaster than smoke dat weed till your brains start to froth. If however you value your shredded sanity, play this baby with a little bit of caution.

  7. kelvin

    My friend gave me a little nug of this stuff, and holy damn. It made me super relaxed and happy. I thought I was in another world by like 4 hits. Definitely recommend this to someone who is super stressed out. ??

  8. eliot

    I’ve never been truly ”depressed” but like others emotional pain hits us eventually. Lemon haze lasts around 2 hours for me with great physical and emotional pain relief. No stress or Sadness. Incredibly happy throughout the entire high. Wonderful taste as well. A sudden lemony taste then a great grapefruit after taste. I give this a 10

  9. raul

    smells like fukn lemon

  10. devis

    This shit is AMAZING! It just makes me happy and talkative as hell. I love it!

  11. winks

    Only just come down from this strain after I smoked it an hour or two ago. A great strain. The bags I got were like regular street weed – allot of small buds. Although my dealer said he didn’t know what the name of the strain was when I asked, he said it smelt like lemons and was “powerful stuff.” When I had a smell of the bags myself I knew that it was lemon haze, as I can remember the smell from when I’ve bought lemon haze before. It was much better quality than the lemon haze I’ve previously had, it had allot of tric coverage for standard street weed. The high was one of the best I’ve had in a while – uplifting, very happy and very giggly. I laughed for longgg periods of time whilst high on this strain. Time seemed to fly whilst I was high, but it’s an amazing experience if you manage to get a good lemon haze. This is now one of my favorites, and we got 4 grams of the stuff so I can’t wait to smoke it again.

  12. winks

    This is a very nice balanced high 🙂 it helps me relax and I can super focus. It keeps me grounded 🙂

  13. rita

    hite lemon haze! really really strong potent affect. put me in a mental fog i don’t remember a whole lot about, witch is so totally cool. about all i remember is the best part; smoking it. it tasted like lemons. (duh ! : ) i slept real good good that night. i was realy happy, try to write some notes about it. but that didn’t work . X P – : )-to stoned !

  14. kelvin

    I had a very odd experience with this strain. the high was absolutely wonderful, like hands down the best I’ve ever felt, and it was totally giggle inducing. but the comedown was more like a crash than a comedown. my entire body itched all over and I felt like I wanted to crawl right out of my skin. I felt as if I were spiraling into a black hole, sadness and darkness completely overtook me. and I felt like absolute garbage in the morning. obviously, different strains have different effects on different people, but my one piece of advice with lemon haze is that if you have a mental illness (i.e. depression, bipolar disorder, bpd), do not smoke this strain. of course, it’s all up to the individual, but I just thought I’d leave a warning in case I could look out for even just one person. xx

  15. mark fran

    So this hit me out of nowhere. I was smoking this with some friends and we rolled up 2 just because we didn’t feel much of a high at first, then I’m not even sure what happened. I felt like I woke up while we were walking to the shop for water and constantly felt like I was falling in and out of a dream and lost track of reality, my heart was pounding fast too. Needless to say, it was obvious to people that we were high; everyone appeared slow to me. I was very conscious of the time though, being quite paranoid that I’d be late for dinner haha. After a while, when I was able to sit down and have a cigarette, I calmed down and just felt so relaxed and tired. We literally were just in search of places to lie down and chill at. I took another one after dinner and when I went out again, literally just felt so chilled and relaxed, felt amazing, just didn’t start off well as I didn’t expect it to be so strong! Recommend this stuff but don’t underestimate it!

  16. raul

    The flavor and smell are what won me over at first, but even the high from it was damn good. It didn’t leave me completely stupid and I was able to hold conversations and comprehend what people were saying. Lemon Haze is one of the few strains that can make it difficult to walk in a straight line. It’s also really sexually arousing. Like..very. Which is fine because it doesn’t make you go stupid or lazy.

  17. kelvin

    with a high that i think is great for hiking. nothing like hiking to the top of a mountain and getting that delicious lemon flavor

  18. kelvin

    Everyone say, ‘WORLD PEACE!’ Okay…great. Now, everyone in the back, put your saddles on the one-eyed goat underneath your table. Feel it shrinking into the size of a salt shaker…take another puff and smile. Lemon Haze is my favorite strain and is great for treating anxiety, depression, migraine…and boredom. It is one of the smoothest and most flavorful strains commonly available in dispensaries throughout the US. Unlike a lot of Haze strains, Lemon Haze does dry out my eyes or give me cottonmouth. If you are a creative type, or a creative professional who suffers from anxiety, this is a great strain to unwind so that you can get to work. Makes the most mundane tasks tolerable.

  19. kelvin

    This stuff reallyyyy mellows you out! Good tasting smoke and really pretty looking bud with some nice orange hairs in it…

  20. winks

    Lemon Tree Excellent strain! Pungent and tasty!

  21. kelvin

    Lemon haze is by far my personal favorite strain. Even veteran smokers get bitch smacked by this strain. Very strong, and long high. Some claim they were couch potatoed when they smoked lemon haze but I was the exact opposite actually! I was out and about the whole day puffing on lemon haze blunts, surfing waves, and smoking more LH Blunts! If you ever get the chance I highly recommend picking some of this beautifulness for yourself.

  22. winks

    I cooked Lemon Haze in a Rice and had for dinner. After a while I felt really creative and a big wish to discover and read articles about all what popped into my mind. Another day I smoked it and then went to a City Museum. This weed made me feel really “Cultural”. A bit of Anxiety just after I smoked it, but after I went to the toilet to Poo I felt much better.

  23. kelvin

    Take care for Lemon Haze coz Lemon Haze won’t take care of you. As simrone said, this strain is all about the dose. A bit is good, you feel buzzed, happy and quite confused. But when you smoke a bit more it. turns out to be a really stron mental highness. I felt super duper confused, you’re really sensitive, music is deeper, but vision is not working properly. Time goes in other dimension and you will feel melting all-around. Is a good weed but holy guacamoly it can be too strong.

  24. raul

    My strain had a lemony, piney smell to it. You could smell it through the bag. The nugs were nice and fat, and while the smoke was not that harsh on the inhale, on the exhale I felt my lungs burn and I coughed quite a bit. But once the coughing fit was over, oooweeee! I saw stars, lights, and rainbows. There was this cloud that settled on my head, and the pain was lifted from my back and neck. I had a cerebral high, and my body was relaxed. I found that I was way more mellow and subdued on this strain, and I drifted off into random thoughts and fantasies. Would definitely use this again. As a matter of fact I will place it my top 20. Green Leaf Phoenix Az delivery weedmaps

  25. kelvin

    Wonderful fresh lemon taste. After it kicks in, it will have you feeling chill, euphoric, and completely clear-headed. Perfect for daytime consumers.

  26. winks

    got half an oz of this from my guy last week. Bag appeal not too good, fluffy buds and weak-smelling. But it’s a good smoke/vapor. Vapor has hints of citrus and honey, overlain with a touch of vanilla and “freshly-mowed lawn” smell/flavor. Not a fast hitter, slow onset in 10min. Gets pretty high, makes me talkative and giddy. The only Haze so far that’s not too overpowering (haze highs tend to f*ck with my anxiety and depression). Average lasting high. Overall, a good sativa, not too strong. Would recommend for a first time Sativa experience.

  27. kelvin

    I love lemon haze, the citric taste and the euphoria!

  28. kelvin

    Just tried Lemon Haze for the first time & I enjoyed it. It had a nice tingly effect at first & now I feel nice & mentally clear. I feel like this strain is good for a daytime high or when you have to function. It tastes good & smell good. Hell I’m high so I like it.

  29. sandra

    Very much a sativa. Not much of a body impact but a very nice mind buzz. Fairly energetic feeling and alert. Good for daytime use.

  30. rita

    well no doubt you are all sitting there saying wtf did I just smoke but truth be known you are another victim of the silver haze crossed with lemon skunk, what at first appears to be a mild heady strain of something you can’t quite place because of its lemony harshness you sort of feel like perhaps you been sold swag but actually the little ribosomes are working and before you know it you are trying to fight Satan’s little helpers off the windshield. I repeat we have gremlins…

  31. kelvin

    A decent strain. Good to go to for a change from your regular favs. I found this strain to be similar to Sour Diesel. It made me excitable and goofy. Forgetfulness and tiredness were the side effects. Didn’t really get too much dry mouth like everyone’s saying. Not a bad strain, but not a regular smoker.

  32. raul

    My fav strain! it makes the high from other strains feel murky and messy. What I mean is the high from lemon haze is clean and directional, almost purposeful – it is straight up uplifting and relaxing – doesn’t make me think too much (others usually do), it feels uncomplicated and jolly. I felt more connected with my loved ones, with a new found urge to make them happy as well. I think it made me a better person in a sense that it inspired me to care for others and think from their perspective more… is weird as that sounds lol

  33. kelvin

    Lemon Haze… Well this is definately my favourite strain of all time, it made me feel extremely uplifted and confident, my favorite high without a doubt. I would strongly recommend trying a joint of this shit with some flavoured rizz as it gives a real good flavour combination… You get the original tangy lemon taste on top of the blueberry taste from the rizzla when you lick your lips. I had a couple of joints of this with my best mate terry-wallace, it was the dogs bollocks as far as weed goes ! 10/10

  34. calvino

    Lemon Haze (CT Strain: Sunlight by Curaleaf) was my first legal marijuana as MMP and I can tell you was perfect for a long drive home. Pulled 3 long hits from Slim Vape Pen PURE oil and was everything i had read from flavor standpoint. Lots of citrus lemon flavor on exhale and a very pleasant aftertaste of strong lemon/ grassy notes. 15 minutes was feeling a mild heady high with a calming effect that took any anxiety away and gave a nice easy thoughtful high with a lot of my sore muscles relaxing without leaving me tired or sleepy at all. Great daytime sativa. Can’t wait to try flower.

  35. raul

    This strain is supper tastey love the smoke nice and smooth . Not harsh great engetic high creative thinking and did not have to take a pain pill . Good strain highly recomened

  36. zuzu

    I love this strain. I use it when I feel stressed out, it makes me feel very uplifted and energetic, I felt awesome. I would recommend Lemon Haze to anyone unless you’re trying to feel sleepy or very relaxed.

  37. charles

    I love it! Smoked some the other night and the high lasted for hours. It made my mouth tingle, my teeth tingle, and I felt like I melted. I was SO talkative and it felt like I was talking for hours. But I did get extremely paranoid and my mouth was dried almost instantly. But other than that this is a personal fave.

  38. kate

    5 out 5 for this incredible strain, I never smoke a strain like the lemon haze, in one hit , it makes me completely high as fuck and feels so good .

  39. kate

    This strain has an amazing citrus taste ! It gives you a great head high but also relaxes you if you’re feeling stressed out or anxious. Definitely a good boat times strain !This strain has an amazing citrus taste ! It gives you a great head high but also relaxes you if you’re feeling stressed out or anxious. Definitely a good boat times strain !

  40. dick

    Took a few hits of this with my girl the other night and had a pretty chill uplifting high. Took my mind off everything and didn’t get bed-locked but managed to Netflix the shit out That 70’s Show ? Lemon Haze didn’t make me tired at all in fact when my girl passed out I was wide awake chillin on my phone for an hour or so. Slept pretty good after that. Smells dank and the buds were really green. We got 7.5 grams so gonna smoke it the next couple days. Didn’t make me hungry although probably cause I grubbed tf out of Jack n The Box before. Good shit. ?

  41. frank hunter

    Been smoking this strain for about a solid month, with a few exceptions but that’s beside the point. This strain still manages to set my dome alight, usually notice a large decrease in high after a few days of smoking the same strain and the same happened for this one but the resulting high is still beautiful. Love the lemon skunk crosses. Energetic, euphoric, clear headed, and honestly lemon skunk strains just set the dome alight, you have such a will and motivation to live your life to the fullest. Recommend trying amnesia lemon from barneys, super lemon haze from greenhouse. Those two strains along with this one are my all time favourite, they never fail to disappoint. Asher, on your comment I noticed you said you felt tired after the euphoric high? I’m fairly certain you have an organic grow, I’ve noticed with organic grown lemon haze after that initial euphoria the body high becomes huge unlike hydroponic grows that do not produce a body high (very slight, typical sativa) and the head high is much clearer and I may say stronger but difficult to determine. I do prefer the hydro, but the organic is great for late evenings as it’s still functional but much more entertaining due to trying to stay awake haha. Or maybe that’s just me as I don’t particularly enjoy indicas as much sativas, but the organic grow is top notch. Legalise UK, end this discrimination. Love, peace and happiness. It can be possible in this world, we just need the will of the people to change it. Education, reformation and love.

  42. kelvin

    The Lemon Haze is an experience. So far, I’ve gotten to experience the strain through a volcano and haze vaporizer. The first notable aspect of the strain is the aroma. Opening the container the nostrils are saturated with a pungent smell of citrus and a trace amount of cheese. The flower is beautiful, lined with veins of near neon yellow crystals. The high is spellbinding. It is very much a sativa in how it activates the mind. Although the high moves throughout the whole body, it spends the majority of its time being cerebral. Creative interests toss and turn, making it an ideal writing, painting, and / or music partner. The effects are strongest for the first few hours, mixing creative muse with a splash of lack of coordination. Make sure your computer or guitar is not downstairs, but within arms reach. Overall the taste is delicious, the smell and aesthetic pleasing to all senses. The only negatives are the slight disconnect of head from body and the dry mouth that follows. With your instrument and a tall glass of water nearby, these small drawbacks are easily forgotten. If this Strain is available in your area and you’re looking to write a new novel, this lemon is no lemon.

  43. kelvin

    Lemon is the sleeper creeper holy fuck shit god cluster fucking pot. If you took a clipping of Jesus’s hair and put it in a volcano…. bam it taste like dis. Effect is strong either in a bong or while smoking a joint with your tongs. I blaze this haze and I am not phased by those who amaze my ghetto days You a bitch mother fucker… I smoke like a trucker pucker tucker bam guzzle nuzzle. Bum freaker. Eager cheeker. I meet her last weeker. Meeker meep. Fuck this shit. I’m out.

  44. dericko

    One hit made me smile, two made me grin, three i was thinking of new idea’s… creative high, uplifting.

  45. kelvin

    My go to daytime strain for uplifting effects with clarity and a welcome but not overpowering energy boost. Improved sense of wellbeing, decreased anxiety. I find excuses for not doing projects go right out the door as soon as it’s lemony freshness washes over you like a drug…er .. Wait a second. Really though. Something about the biochemistry of this plant just suits me perfectly.

  46. kelvin

    A burst of lemon in smell. Beautiful flowers dense yet light and fluffy. Awakening to the mind and senses this strain is best enjoyed with morning tea or breakfast to start the day with an energizing burst. Smelling the flowers prior to enjoying the smoke is key to activating the full aromatic potential. The strong notes of lemon invigorate the mind to be alert. Gets the appetite activated.

  47. kelvin

    Decent Decent strain. Gives off a nice high, even though I’m sick.

  48. juliet

    Good for car trips

  49. foster

    have a strain called “lemonade haze”…I think these two are the same. Moving on. This is a fantastic strain. Country time lemonade smell, and LOTS OF IT. SUPER DUPER ABSOLUTELY POOPER lemon smell. And it smells Like it literally fornicates with your nose, it has babies and multiplies its smell up your schnoz . Amazing flowery lemony woodsy smell! The high is energetic, it’s focused, it’s fantastic! It’s not incredibly racy though, it’s a great sativa leaning hybrid. It’s a mellow energy. Great get up and go..Does at times create a bit of anxiety, but nothing major. The taste…Somewhat citrusy. Woodsy and sweet. It taste just as good as it smells. Definitely a top shelf flavor and smell profile. It sticks on your tongue for minuets on end, and it taste lemony and woodsy. It’s phenomenal. Now this strain is a “mid-shelf” at my dispensary. But the amount of Tri’s and orange hairs, and its wonderful looks, mixed with the flavor and smell profiles…Definitely top shelf strain, IMO and if grown right. Get a gram and try it out…I bet you, almost guarantee, you’ll be back for more! I got an 8th at Purple lotus patient center, in San Jose,CA for 50 bucks. Not bad at all.

  50. figo

    had a much better and local grow of this and found it to be wonderful for the day. suffering from ptsd and epilepsy teamed with a tbi, I have a hard time focusing and tolerating… anything. lemon haze makes the day manageable and possible, that’s what matters, possible!

  51. kelvin

    very nice high, just bought a quarter. nice lemon taste. highly recommended and very smooth

  52. raul

    This is my SH*T for real! Big day tomorrow? Hell yeah! Wake and Bake. Go get the Money! What else can I say my friends? Anxiety gone, tired you ask… not at all, staying hydrated because this Strain will Cottonmouth you in the face quick fast so keep that Smart Water in arms reach, staying happy is just a good side effect so don’t be worried people, just smile and roll with it… or should I say smile and roll up another one! Didn’t get too hungry until the end of the day, But felt great and accomplished a lot. So get up early, hit the gym, eat a healthy meal, blaze this Strain and go drop kick the day in its face!

  53. rita

    I used my vaporizer with this in it and then I started cooking in my instant pot. Suddenly I looked at the instant pot and realized that a safety valve was not up when it was supposed to be up so I looked up the customer service for the company and call the technical support line. The guy started asking me all kinds of questions about what I was cooking, asking me how much water I had in it and stuff. I got annoyed and told him that I’m a professional chef, not some kind of idiot and I know how to use an electric pressure cooker! About 5 minutes into the conversation I realized that I had actually pushed the wrong button on the instant pot but I was too embarrassed to tell him that I actually AM an idiot and so I just went along with the rest of the conversation and had him enter in a service ticke

  54. mark fran

    Very nice strain with an extremely enjoyable high.

  55. vanessa

    I’m fuckin stoned on this right now, but let me tell you right now. It gave me a hell of a ride.

  56. travis

    One of the best tasting smokes I’ve had. truly smells and tastes like an acidic citrus. Very good uplifting buzz that isn’t too racy. Great anytime smoke!

  57. kate

    Thanks to everyone’s reviews I picked up this strain. I’ve been suffering from depression hardcore so I figured I’d try this strain. Also because lemon has antidepressant properties, people that do aromatherapy recommend lemon when you have the blues I scored the last half gram of this shatter at The Mint Dispensary, The brand is Firebrand which is like Lamborghini of concentrate brands. I went so overboard with getting lemon medicine I hot hooked up with 5 Lemon Skunk prerolls.

  58. kelvin

    My go to bud throughout the day

  59. kelvin

    High: Very euphoric and happy, made me very relaxed and a bit giggly, and very at peace with everything around me. If your an artist you definitely will be on point and in tune with creating your art while consuming this strain. After: After the high went away I felt very optimistic and positive. Recommendations for: People with Bi-Polar disorder, Depression, Headaches/migraines, Artists, & anyone needing a positive boost.

  60. kelvin

    High was definitely shorter than most and i got pretty tired towards the end. Overall pretty good experience!

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