Green Crack

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THC: 17.00%  |  CBD: 0.35%
Strain Type: SATIVA
Taste & smells like: Citrus, Mango, Sweet
Feels like: Cerebral, Uplifted, Creative, Energetic
Similar Strains: Green Ribbon, Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze.

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Green Crack has branched into two genetic lineages, the most common of which is its sativa line descended from Skunk #1. The 75% indica variety of Green Crack is said to have come from an Afghani strain, and is marked by a tighter bud structure. Because its name perpetuates a negative image of cannabis, some people have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush instead.

We recommend using a high-quality vaporizer for the ultimate healthy enjoyment of this premium flower! We grind ours using the world’s best grinders.

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Green Crack

Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)

40 reviews for Green Crack

  1. mathew

    I have PTSD and while most people have an energetic experience with G C, myself and a few others with PTSD confirm a quite different effect. Extreme relaxation, focus and intense head high

  2. kate

    Had an incredible experience with this strain. Took a few decent hits from a 4 foot bong and it took my on a journy of hapiness! I hit the bong at a friends house and was on my way home and then it hit me. I was sitting at a light and then i just felt weightless all of a sudden. Got home and turned on some Snoop Dogg music and had a great evening. Top 5 favorite strains.

  3. kelvin

    Wow! I had to choose Blue Dream (which I’ve had before) or Green Crack (I’ve never smoked). Chose Green Crack. First experience with this strain… Smoking a 1.5 g. Blunt. Nice high that eases you to an extreme euphoric giggly high. I’m a daily smoker and even I was blown away. Felt as high as the first time I smoked weed! AA+++ new favorite strain!

  4. jones

    Migraine pain 6 (only a lil nauseated) when I medicated round 1730 or so. Takes less than 5 min to kick in (very nice). Head buzz nice & strong without any paranoia/anxiety (an absolute must for me). Body high freakin perfect. Pain/nausea all gone! 🙂 Very energizing; don’t use this strain too close to bedtime. Made dinner for the fam after medicating & they loved it! Felt a creative wave I guess. Can’t remember taste @ the moment. Highly, highly recommend for daytime use; especially for any kind of pain/medical issues. Gonna hafta try more Sativa dominants (w/o using too much & inducing paranoia) after loving Green Crack! 🙂

  5. winks

    Green Crack is such an incredible strain; it’s potent energizing effects are more pronounced than nearly any/all other strains of pot. The burst of energy is accompanied by uplifting and even euphoric effects that are fully cerebral. No body buzz with this strain. Users whom have issues with getting paranoid and anxious should avoid this strain in large doses or even all together as it can worsen those conditions. Green Crack is at the top of my sativa list.

  6. winks

    Yes. Very yes. By far the best sativa I’ve ever put in my face. Highly (lol) recommend this strain. Solid high with a great energetic kick!

  7. joseph

    When you’re looking for productivity, go no further than some Green Crack! This strain will make you feel focused and energized, without the paranoia or anxiety that often comes along with smoking a pure-sativa. The taste is always a good, clean, citrus flavor with thick, potent smoke that you can see!

  8. kelvin

    This is a great sativa for mental stimulation. For those with psychological instabilities like bipolar disorder, depression, mania, and anxiety, this is a great strain to keep you “in the moment” throughout the day. The aroma is sweet, not skunky. Even though this is not an indica and will not put you on couch-lock, it is potent and high in THC, so be careful. Also, THIS STRAIN IS CALLED DIFFERENT THINGS by different dispensaries in the effort to remove the “hard drug” stigma from medical marijuana. Even if you don’t see it in their menus, ask your dispensary if they have green crack; it might be under another name. “Green Cush” (with a c) and “Crane City Lychee” is what I’ve seen in the Bay Area.

  9. kate

    This is my New favorite Sativa , goes straight to the head and relieves and manages all my Ménières symptoms . Tight buds that vape and taste so good , Righteously frosty , excellent migraine relief and no groggy down feeling as its wearing off . Keeps that comfy headband feeling all day long . Natural power

  10. rose

    review for Green crack hydrocarbon crumble. tested at 70% THC no CBD test results. very nice heavy head buzz. very euphoric. great for a morning pick me up if you can handle it. great taste, fruity with a hint of pine and skunk. consistency of the wax was awesome. color was spectacular. obtained from Urban Wellness in Albuquerque NM for $25 a half gram. well worth it. great job Urban Wellness and elevated concentrate.

  11. john

    I have Crohn’s disease and Green Crack dose wonders for me! It helps me w/ Pain, spasms, appetite.. and nausea. Love it!!!

  12. marry

    Bear with me here: this is one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had while high and it happened on green crack. I went over to my buddy’s house to smoke a couple bowls of GC out of his new bong. Pretty classic: about a foot tall, normal sized downstem, no percs, but it did have ice catchers. We went onto his deck and smoked 3 decent sized bowls. It’s probably worth mentioning both of us were breaking a dry spell of about 2.5 months… I was downstairs in his basement washing the bong out and I was chill. I was high as balls, but I was chill. My buddy comes flying down the stairs completely tweaked screaming that he’s not ok. This freaked me out, but I was able to calm him down and get him upstairs to his living room. We ordered chinese food (by some miracle I didn’t make an ass of myself ordering it) and we sat down to eat. I told him that if he ate he would feel better, and I remember not being super hungry and kinda picking at my chicken and broccoli while watching him devour his order of sesame chicken, pork dumplings, and for some reason, milk. We were on the couch in his living room watching Aziz Ansari (who is funny as shit when you’re stoned) and he’s still tweaking. I reached over and tried to calm him down, at which point he stands up and proceeds to vomit up the insane amount of chinese food and milk he just consumed all over the persian rug. He throws up for a little while and I finally manage to comprehend the situation and get him into the bathroom. He finishes puking while I figure out the best course of action to get this shit off the rug before his parents find out and kill him. It took me 2 different vacuum cleaners, a full roll of paper towels, a half bottle of seltzer, and about an hour and a half to clean up the vomit. I was stoned shitless the whole time, so 1.5 hours is kind of impressive. Eventually, the only evidence was a faint stain. My friend was completely shot, so like all good friends would do I brought him up to his room, got him to brush his teeth, change his clothes, and into bed. Then I went downstairs, smoked the rest of his weed, finished the Aziz standup, and raided his fridge. Trust me, it’s what he would have wanted. Green crack is a great strain, but you gotta know what you’re getting into. THIS IS FOR SEASONED SMOKERS ONLY. We’ve since smoked it again together and it ended up fine, so just make sure you know what you’re getting into and pace yourself when you’re eating (this goes for all strains). Hope you enjoyed!

  13. kelvin

    I’m typically prone to anxiety with strong sativas, so I was weary of this strain. However, I smoked half a joint and suddenly I was overcome with optimism. I had incredible motivation to prioritize my life. I wanted to clean, listen to new music, exercise, cook a bitchin’ meal etc. at one point I sat down to write and in a few minutes I was in laughter at the prose I had adopted. It’s a beautiful strain in moderation.

  14. kate

    I didn’t exist for….at least 30 seconds to two minutes. I had physically left my body, I no longer existed as a person. my life, the beach, Whoopi Goldberg, none of that existed where I went. the only thing that brought me back down to earth, was my friend nudging me and handing me my third turn in the rotation on a still burning blunt. best experience, besides my first kiss.

  15. mark fran

    Great for morning wake-n-bake and/or afternoon delight. This strain can aid in getting yourself going physically as well as help get the creative juices flowing. Wrote 3 songs in 2 days with help from this one. Pungent tropical & mongo overtones with hints of citrus, and bergamot undertones. Smoke can be very smooth to unpleasantly harsh depending on application. Effect is quick & noticeable elevated cerebral euphoria onset which grows in intensity enhancing focus and creativity. Along with calming nerves and relaxing body keeping stress at bay. Gives great lil energy top off for the outgoing mood it brings on. When vaporized, in personal experience, effects are intensified and little bit goes a long way. As effect grows in intensity it’s easy for some to partake 1 too many times. Effect from vaporizer is stronger and more intense but doesn’t last as long as smoking.

  16. james

    I was recommended this strain at multiple dispensaries and so I decided to give it a shot. It smells wonderful, like a fresh bowl of citrus or something. Unfortunately, I have tried this strain from multiple dispensaries and every time I smoke this strain, whether through vape, bong, bowl…I end up getting a pulsating migraine. I know this strain is recommended for pain relief and depression, but I suffer from depression and the advantages of the strain are shadowed from my pulsing head. Just thought someone could benefit from my learning experience!

  17. mark fran

    The most intense head high I’ve experienced. I was at the stage where you feel like your holding on for your life and tbh I was kinda scared. About 25min after smoking the head high chilled out and I was able to walk home. I think this strain is more for an experienced smoker, I on the other hand am just a casual user and believe the effects were a little too strong. Good smoke though, highest I’ve ever been

  18. juliet

    This is hands down the best weed I have ever smoked. You feel the effects without just wanting to sit in front of the TV and eat. I recommend this to everyone. The taste was nice on it too, sweet flavor.

  19. juke

    After not smoking for literally 4 years and as a very healthy person who does not even drink after 5 drags these were the effects. Pros: Increased Energy (Good for pre-workout/Coffee alternative) Increased Creativity Increased Communication Ability Memory Recall was Improved Cons -Anxiety in a jittery crack head kind of way, It was the feeling of tweaking out for like the first 10-20 mins after smoking but in an undectable way, kind of like when you leave an outdoor heated pool and are exposed to the colder air atmospheric and your teeth start to click repeatedly from the cold. -High does not last long, about less than an hour. -Dry mouth and eyes (bove average pasties)

  20. james

    A word for the wary: you should use caution when using Green Crack. It’s a great strain, however, the effects of this are closer to psychedelic drugs like LSD and Magic Mushrooms. It’s not nearly as strong as those, but it’s far stronger and definitely very different from other cannabis strains. If you read through the reviews, you’ll notice that many reviewers mention increased sensitivity to color and light, increased physical sensation, and highly increased creativity. Your sense of time will likely be extremely distorted, perhaps to the point where it’s impossible to tell how much time has passed. These are normal when taking psychedelics, and this is likely what you’ll experience when you use this strain. This is a strain that is best enjoyed in the comfort of home, or a place you’re familiar with. Take it and play nice music along with it for best effect. It will be a good time to chill out and think about things that you normally don’t. You’re likely going to be pretty worn out afterwards, which is completely normal. Take it easy and don’t push yourself. You’ll be set with a nice sleep. This all being said, have fun! This isn’t the best strain for going out, but it can get you a lot of wonderful insight in your life.

  21. mark fran

    Absolutely love this strain! Super tasty with an awesome energetic high. It kept the creativity flowing. Great strain for staying busy, whether cleaning your pad or working a boring ass job!

  22. julius

    This is some good shit. I smoked this with my bros before a school dance. I had energy all night and the confidence of Hercules. I got so much booty. I highly recommend this, it’s a great high. Makes you feel real good.

  23. rout

    This is my favorite strain by far. Every time my dealer has it I buy as much as I can get and I hoard it for months. I much prefer the sativa-dominant phenoytpe; I have for years called the indy ‘creen grack’ because it LOOKS like GC, SMELLS like GC, TASTES like GC… but just doesn’t perform like GC. I’ll take a moment here to state that I have Aspergers; cannabis isn’t about getting high for me, it’s about experiencing a fuller range of the human spectrum. Green Crack fires up my mind; fatigue rolls away, inspiration washes in, and motivation pervades. Days off work fueled by GC become 12-14 hour productivity streaks where I smoke a bowl and then don’t stop moving (or typing, depending on the work at hand) for a few hours until I have my next. If I had to pick one strain to have nothing else but forever, this would be it. 🙂

  24. eliot

    Green Crack is an INCREDIBLE strain of cannabis… that has been bred to bring out the most euphoric and positive aspects of the pot high, and it doesn’t have negatives like munchies or couchlock. The best herbal medicine for depression there is! It has an intense, powerfully up lifting, “fuzzy” kind of high that feels like rolling on MDMA. It’s not “racy” or overstimulating like some sativas… it feels just right. It is the kind of bud you can smoke all day long, from morning to night, and it will not drain your energy or make you bleary. You can wake and bake and take a few hits every hour or two and you’ll have a wonderful day doing creative or outdoor stuff, and still have energy to go out and party at night!

  25. marry

    The name has a negative connotation that made me weary. Putting the weariness aside, this is a very enjoyable strain. It is a total experience. The smell, taste, mind and body…. It’s all present with this strain. It’s energizing and and an overall positive experience. Does not last long though, and leaves you with a slightly dry mouth.

  26. mark fran

    Fell in love with this in oil form a while back. Recently vaporized flower for the first time. An equally amazing experience. Tastes like citra hops. I haven’t had the energy to exercise at all for months. Today I ran 2 miles and managed to get a full body workout in, post green crack. A far cry from the 15 mile/three hour torturous workouts I was doing two years ago but godd*mn if it doesn’t give me hope

  27. rita

    This strain makes me feel like singing the song Great Day by The Lonely Island. Everything is possible!!! Let’s just say…I had energy. I had to back track everything I was doing, but I was happy to be doing it! I was smoking it shatter form from a lovely selection of house shatters by C.C.C. in corona. I’d call this a lovely wake and bake. A little coffee, a little music, and some house cleaning! I’ve also had the pleasure of smoking this in flower form as well, once upon a time. It was just as delightful then. Overall… Wakey wakey, tokes and baky.

  28. rita

    Green Crack is available at High Level Health in Denver. Great daytime strain. sometimes induces paranoia in high doses as i have PTSD. Smaller doses work wonderfully. Highly recommend this strain for a good everyday smoke. Awesome for outdoorsy activity.

  29. mathias

    I bought a gram of Green Crack live resin from Freedom Road in Trinidad, CO. This is my new go to strain for enhancing physical activity. After repairing two broken storm doors that had been on my to do list for about a year, I weeded the garden, swept the decks, and made a 3 course dinner. By the time dinner was over I was ready for another dose. No problem sleeping later that evening. I give this strain 5 stars. For me there is no doubt this was an uplifting and happy buzz strain. Green Crack is how I like my cannabis.

  30. mark fran

    One of the best I have had so far! Rolling a doobie, and the keef was so crazy I had to scrape it onto my doobie! Great feeling all over body. A very little goes a long way and I was lost in the kitchen walking around the island for quite some time trying to remember what I was doing! lol Highly recommend this strain pun intended!

  31. winks

    Green Crack is a delightful high peaking cerebral space out bud. Very tasty, with a fruity after-tone.

  32. kate

    Seriously, the sex on this strain has been… the BEST ever. My wife and I love it. My only complaint about GC is it doesn’t allow a solid night’s sleep. Instead, I can be restless and wake up feeling and looking tired. Oh well, not a big deal for weekends. And did I mention the sex? Wow.

  33. kelvin

    I usually prefer indicas to sativas, but Green Crack is an exception. It’s uplifting and focusing so you don’t end up getting lost in your own head if you don’t want to. Definitely recommend if you’re looking to keep busy! Now toast a bowl and go do your damn dishes.

  34. juke

    This is a great sativa strain to elevate mood and melt away stress. Its a very energetic and uplifted high. Great if you need to get stuff done around the house or if your looking for a smoke to go with some outdoor recreation. For me, it does have the ability to make my heart race a little so beware of that. I get a little anxious from time to time and tend to stay away from pure sativas but this one made me more happy that anxious.

  35. nicolas

    Nice uplifting high makes me wanna get off the couch

  36. mark fran

    First time trying Green Crack ( Bought from Mother Earth Herbs Dispensary), And I think I’ve found a new Sative Strain to hit my “Top 5” Sativa Favorites! No anxiety, relaxed, yet super head buzz, best of all, NO PTSD “episodes” (flashbacks gone!) I absolutely am enjoying this Wicked Medicinal Strain! 5 stars, well earned IMO! Mother Earth Herbs is a great shop here in the 575!

  37. mark

    This precious strain can only be named one thing and one thing only folks: GREEN CRACK. 3 hits and yessah yousa buzzin bub! Very energetic and creative high here people. I’ve never seen things so clearly before. Smells great and smokes very smooth. If you’re looking for an energetic high with not an overwhelming amount of psychoactive effects(But just enough) you got it here my friends!

  38. mathew

    I lost my leg In an accident awhile back and this is one of the first weeds to take care of all the pain and other problems I was experiencing. I high recommend this to anyone in pain, with spasms or nausea!

  39. kate

    I tried Green Crack about an hour or so ago and it is awesome, yo! At first I was a little anxious for about the first five minutes, but everything calmed done. I been watching “The Walking Dead” and let just say I was so focused that I realize that I missed so interesting thing when I first watched. I give “Green Crack” a 10 outta 10. If you want something to help you focus and make you in great mood. I would recommend “Green Crack”

  40. john

    I am just feelin good! No depression or loneliness, just happy and motivated. This strain is a good thinking strain. Helps me actually finish sentences with detail and not space off. I could paint a masterpiece smoking green crack. Thc is a little low but it is in our favor if we are looking for a great productive & creative sativa.

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