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Super Lemon Haze, sometimes called “SLH,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze and two time Cannabis Cup winner from Green House Seeds. Super Lemon Haze is a kief-caked multi-colored wonder. As the name states this strain has real lemony characteristics. The smell is zesty, citrusy, and a little sweet. As for the taste, it’s everything one would expect from the namesake; tart and sweet like lemonheads candy – not quite as sharp as one might expect. The effects are uniquely energetic and lively, may not be the best strain for those of us that are naturally wound-up tight.


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This sweet lemon strain is a high yield strain that belongs to any group of veterans. Super Lemon Haze is called one of the most common strains, even for the Indian lovers and has justly converted them into the sativa. There is no doubting that Super Lemon Haze is different. This winner of the Cannabis Cup is an intersection between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, making it a pedigree strain and one of today’s best sativos. You can buy Super Lamon Haze online and get Super Lamon Haze for sale online. This sativa-dominating hybrid really embodies its name, which has a strong limonic scent that smells really much. The start of Super Lemon Haze is slow, but persistent, producing a powerful euphoric high, making you wish to leap out for joy from your chair. This strain is also a popular medical variation, with a long list of conditions that can be relieved.


All these effects of super-sativas are energy. But the key attribute is that it is a fantastic everyday endeavor because of its talent in making it successful and sometimes imaginative. The Super Lemon
Haze manages to calm you enough to make you feel good. The greatest happy-going buddy is Super Lemon Haze. If you have a long day ahead of you and you need to do stuff thoroughly, this sativa is the right option.
You will have a pound of this sweet bud to hold everyone in the hall, and a second one will lift you up. No burden for start-ups, Super Lemon Haze. Its impact can make you feel good cranial high, which helps you to think better and remember things that you would otherwise forget. It is said also that you will feel a bit frisky by this pressure, so you will feel great for a romantic night. The scent:
A lovely scented bud should remind you of the citrus fruit that you might imagine. Super Lemon Haze tastes like a lemon-sweet drop and a light spice, and has a very tart feel in the air. The sweet lemon tang is cut into a little earthiness and spice and make the strain an incredible experience. Goodness: The scent of Super Lemon Haze is really sweet. This sativa has a good, refreshing dick and the lemon groundiness should hold to your tongue. It is like a piece of candy with a distincted herbal undertone that everyone can taste inhale.

Medical Benefits 

For many diseases and aches, Super Lemon Haze is prescribed. Chronic fatigue is easily combated with this powerful strain due to its ability to create a solid and high head that motivates you even to do stuff. This strain is also used to combat stress and depression effectively. Super Lemon Haze can alleviate many distresses caused by a life of high stress and it can easily rid itself of small pains such as migraines, headaches, joints and muscle spasms. Super Lemon Haze is an all-round trustworthy painkiller that makes you relaxed and tingly, masking any other physical pains that you may experience .. The elevating taste and scent add to its appeal that it's fun even to patients who aren't even likely to treat cannabis for their disease.

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Weight 10 kg
Super Lemon Haze

Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)

5 reviews for Super Lemon Haze

  1. paul

    Coming from an individual that loves sativas, this strain is ridiculous and worth every penny, even $60 an 1/8th if the price was that high. The high that’s created is extremely euphoric and ‘clean’ in feel. It is focused, highly energetic which makes your mind race to the point where you have mild hallucinations about wherever your mind wants to go and these illusions are highly dopamine inducing to the point where you have no care and are on cloud 9 and NOTHING will ruin your moment albeit lasting about 3 hours, but, you are are totally focused while on this strain and can complete any task. I cannot stress to you how energetic and ‘cracky’ this strain is, it makes you ‘think’ , but that ‘thinking’ is your brain in the background if that makes sense thinking about the wildest stuff imaginable, in seriousness this strain makes you hallucinate, it is awesome! You are totally in control of your every action, no studdering or nervousness here in any way, and I’ll tell you that I suffer from moderate anxiety which if I’m experiencing I have a very hard time speaking and I’ll studder, and after I smoke this flower I have total confidence, control, cool as a cucumber and experience total euphoria, no joke. This strain amps me out so bad that I sweat profusely under my arms. Also, I have never smoked a flower like this one that produces massive munchies! I’m kinda a health nut, and the first time that I had smoked this stuff I ate Capriotti’s subs and KFC, in the same night, on 2 separate visits. The odor and taste is top notch, it literally smells like the zest of a lemon when sniffed up close, the taste when burned is equally as appealing but subdued. I would say the best strain that I’ve ever experienced, A-1+…

  2. jacki

    This is one of my new favorites, I think. It seems to be one that does my bidding. If I want to hang out and chill, it’s happy to sit back on the couch with me and catch a movie or some Netflix. If I need to get stuff done, it will get up and help me get the house clean. It doesn’t have quite the kick of Green Crack…so it’s not for those times I need to clean the bottoms of my shoes with a toothbrush, or count the grains of rice I have left. But I can still do the dishes, sweep the floor and it looks pretty okay. The only issue I have is that…what was I saying? Oh I get distracted with it, so it might take me 2 hours to sweep the floor, but it takes me two hours to sweep the floor with Green Crack too, but that’s only because while I was sweeping the floor, I noticed my broom wasn’t doing the job it used to, so I decided to trim it, but while I was trimming the broom, I noticed the scissors needed sharpening, so while I was sharpening the scissors I noticed the tools really should be organized so I decided to organize the tools and do not even GET me started on the state of the utility room, so while I’m out here I will just straighten this up, which brings me to the little box fiasco I’ve been meaning to address. So yeah, at least it’s not as bad as that.

  3. gina

    Super Lemon Haze should be called revolution! In search of a strain to spark my inner creativity or lack there of I came across this sparkling treat. Its flavors have a strong initial tone of a sweet lemon flavored candy, It’s effects take place quickly with a stream of creative thoughts and ideas followed by a sudden burst of physical energy to act upon those motives. I would recommend this strain to advanced smokers only. Peace ✌

  4. tina

    Wake and bake for an amazing and sunny day, no matter the weather. Best smoked in lower than usual doses with fruity flavored papes. Suppresses depression nicely, gives tons of focus. Energetic buzz, makes you wanna do stuff. Smells and tastes awesome. Like morning coffee.

  5. hermes

    Super Lemon Haze is my ALL TIME favorite strain! I suffer from anxiety and sometimes social anxiety that with smoking indicas can become worse when I’m hit with paranoia. This strain gives me NO paranoia or negative effects whatsoever. It’s a nice, uplifting high. The smell is like a lemon tree. Try jarring the nugs with a lemon peel for a few days, it will taste like earthy lemonade 🙂 This ganj makes me clear-headed, genuinely happy, creative, and inspired. I recommend this to anybody, but especially if you’ve ever smoked some weed that made you too hungry, tired, paranoid, sick, or otherwise not as chill as you wanted to be, try this. Smoking once may not be enough of a high for some. If you’re like that, which is how I am, wait a little while and smoke a second time. You’ll be ready to take on the world. A great daytime smoke fa sho. If you’d like to have similar effects but be more giggly and be left potentially ready to fall asleep, I recommend checking out Jamaican Pearl. It’s another sativa-dominant hybrid but pulls more indica than Super Lemon Haze, and it doesn’t seem to cause any paranoia really. Happy toking!

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